• Runtime: 90'
  • Viewers: 6,27 Mio. / 19,2 %

HINNI FEUER stops in front of his apartment: “FEUER” is written on the doorbell. He takes out a crowbar from his briefcase – CRASH!!! Wood splinters, the apartment door bursts open. Hinni places a bronze figure on the shelf, rolls up his Persian rug and leaves the apartment again.

The next morning, the body is found next to a container on the Theresienwiese, wrapped in a Persian rug. “Disposed of like garbage…” states SIMHANDL: No papers, no cell phone, no identity. Time of death: last night around 22.00h. Next to the body is an abandoned car with an open trunk: Hinni’s car. LAIM and SIMHANDL find traces of blood in the trunk. The registration office gives the commissioners Feuer’s address.

Laim and Simhandl not only find Hinni in his apartment, but also forensics and colleagues from the burglary department. They were alerted by Hinni because he had found his apartment broken into after a trip to the country, from which a Persian rug had disappeared, as well as the car keys – and also his car. Meanwhile, Spusi has not found any other traces that point to a burglary, but has found blood on a bronze figurine on a shelf. LAIM wants to know from Hinni where he was last night, without a car? Hinni says he was out with friends, well-to-do friends. And indeed, all the people Laim questions confirm Hinni’s alibi. Only one friend no longer answers. Hinni made him disappear, probably because he witnessed a crime. When Laim confronts Hinni with his suspicions, he laughingly confesses: “Of course I killed the woman. But you, Laim, you have investigated yourself into a corner. Go ahead and try, but you can’t convict me.”

At first it seems that Hinni is right. But he has made the bill without Laim.

Photos: ZDF /Michael Marhoffer

  • Regie
    Michael Schneider

    Christoph Darnstädt

    Andreas Zickgraf

    Anke Osterloh

    Theresia Wogh

    Hannes Ullmann

    Sandra Köppe

    Film Editor
    Jörg Kroschel

    Stephan Hartwig

    Andreas Breyer

    Bettina Wente, Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln, Wolfgang Cimera im Auftrag des ZDF

    Daniel Blum