Love is in the Air” – A comedy based on the “Saftschubse” novels by Annette Lies. Pretty stewardess Charlotte (Jasmin Gerat) has men falling at her feet in rows. Affairs are inevitable – until she meets airline passenger Klaus (Oliver Mommsen).

Today New York, tomorrow Berlin, the day after tomorrow Toronto. Charlotte (Jasmin Gerat) and roommate Feli (Jasmin Schwiers) are passionate stewardesses. Together, the best friends fly around the world and receive a series of phone numbers from male passengers. The two women no longer believe in Mr. Right anyway. They enjoy the unattached jet-set life to the full. But while Charlotte, coordinated with her flight schedule, begins a Tuesday affair with passenger Klaus (Oliver Mommsen) in New York, Feli becomes pregnant. The father of the child is unknown. Without further ado, the two friends decide to raise the child together. To be there for Feli, Charlotte even wants to change to short-haul flights and take New York off her flight schedule. Just as the stewardess is coming to terms with the idea of moving her center of life to Berlin, Klaus confesses to her that she is more to him than a casual “Tuesday affair.” Now Charlotte has to decide between family life with her best friend and the great love …

“Love is in the Air” was produced by Network Movie, Cologne (producers: Wolfgang Cimera, Gabriele Graf). The editorial office at SAT.1 is Birgit Brandes. Filming took place from May 12 to June 09, 2017 in Boston, Berlin, Leipzig and Babelsberg.

  • Stab

    André Erkau

    Drehbuch nach den Romanen „Saftschubse“ von Annette Lies
    Birgit Maiwald

    Gero Steffen

    Monika Nix

    Manuela Nierzwicki

    Sandra Köppe

    Mona Bräuer

    Monika Krück

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera, Gabriele Graf

    Network Movie, Köln

    SAT.1 Redaktion
    Birgit Brandes

    Die Darsteller
    Jasmin Gerat
    Oliver Mommsen
    Jasmin Schwiers
    Judith Neumann
    Sebastian Schwarz
    Franz Hagn
    Heike Jonca
    Christian Gaul
    Ulrike Röseberg
    Michael Krabbe
    Ramona Kunze-Libnow
    Bernd Moos
    Katrin Höft
    Senta Dorothea Kirschner
    Guido Broscheit
    Nils Schulz