• Runtime: 2x 90'

“You have to destroy the files, promise me!”

With this sentence, Lotte Brunner (Gabi Herz) hands over copies of secret documents to her son. that date back to the time of reunification. They document the machinations of the Treuhand and list the names of of the people responsible for the reunification.
Without knowing which hot potato has accidentally fallen into his hands, Dominik Euler (Leonard Carow), a nurse in precarious circumstances, tries to find former Treuhand lawyer Johannes Kellermann (Neithardt Riedel). Euler wants to get 50,000 euros in exchange for the files at in exchange for the files at Kellermann’s mansion – but the business lawyer is already dead, his His murderer is still kneeling next to the corpse.
The last wish of his terminally ill mother flashes through Dominik’s mind – how dangerous are the documents? the documents? Is Kellermann’s murder connected to the files that his mother kept as mother had secretly copied as Kellermann’s secretary in the 90s?
Euler narrowly escapes the pursuit of the unknown murderer and goes into hiding with his friend Dieter Wolf (Peter Schneider). Wolf recognizes the enormous explosive nature of the documents, promises to take He promises to take care of the case and hides Dominik on one of his friends’ organic farms.
Nina Petersen (Katharina Wackernagel) and her team discover that Kellermann is a central figure in the Treuhand. figure in the privatization of the Stralsund shipyard – was this role his undoing? was this role his undoing? Was there an act of revenge committed here at a later date? At the latest when a
manifesto appears that claims responsibility for the murder of Kellermann, Nina is convinced that the murder is part of a larger context and that the case has a political dimension. dimension.
While Dominik Euler realizes that he has been taken out of circulation and that the court is run by an identitarian movement, the time of reckoning begins for Dieter Wolf. At last, he can use the files to call to account those who, in his opinion, have changed the fate of the
GDR and thus the fate of his family on his conscience. Obsessively, he begins to leak the Treuhand files on the net. The perpetrators of that time become restless and for the investigators around Nina Petersen a race against time begins: how long will it take until the next one is silenced?
Not for the first time Nina has to search for the roots of a crime in the past and not for the first time her unerring intuition pays off.

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