• Runtime: 90'
  • Viewers: 6,02 Mio. / 18,8 %

Berlin is flooded with drugs. Everything is available, everywhere, at any time. The police have no idea how to contain it. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe they just want to control the market and live with the collateral damage. Water seeks its way, and if the neighbor smokes coke or a bag – so what, we are all no moralizers, we are tolerant, to each his own. But on the other level, when it comes to money, it gets brutal. The police can no longer look the other way, especially when dead bodies are suddenly found. Dead people who don’t have a needle in their arm or a drug cocktail in their blood, but a bullet in their head. When an undercover investigator is among the dead, the matter becomes explosive and FREDO SCHULZ (Armin Rohde) is put on the case. Schulz is a good cop with rough edges. Widower, ex-alcoholic, lots of insider knowledge, best contacts. Fredo’s boss SCHELLACK (Michael Maertens) can’t shake the feeling that they have a leak in their own ranks. An informer, a snitch, some corrupt asshole in the middle of the drug squad, total shit, you don’t like to think it through. Everybody knows everybody in the police department. Maybe what’s needed now is an undercover agent who doesn’t come from inside the store? Schulz and his partner MILAN FILIPOVIC (Edin Hasanovic) turn to DAKOTA (Almila Bagriacik), who knows her way around the scene but is currently in women’s prison. She is supposed to play the informer? What a stupid idea. But because they’ve just cut off her visiting hours and she wants to see her little daughter again, she agrees to the deal.

“Der gute Bulle – Friss oder stirb” is a production of Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion on behalf of ZDF in cooperation with ARTE. Producers are Wolfgang Cimera and Bettina Wente. Editing for ZDF is by Daniel Blum and for ZDF/ARTE by Olaf Grunert.

  • Stab

    Buch & Regie
    Lars Becker

    Wedigo von Schultzendorff

    Anina Diener

    Claudia González Espíndola

    Hinrich Dageför, Stefan Wulff

    Sandra Köppe

    Sanjeev Hathiramani

    Frank Mähr

    Andreas Breyer

    Bettina Wente, Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Daniel Blum, Olaf Grunert

    Die Darsteller
    Armin Rohde
    Edin Hasanovic
    Nele Kiper
    Almila Bagriacik
    Murathan Muslu
    Sascha Alexander Gersak
    Nadeshda Brennicke
    Vincent Krüger
    Jasmin Shakeri
    Michael Maertens
    Nina Kunzendorf
    und andere