Uli (Heino Ferch) and Nora (Ina Weisse) share an intimate, late love. But Uli keeps avoiding the decision to stand by their shared relationship.
As a tour guide, Uli shows dozens of people his beloved city of Hamburg every day. But one morning, during a harbor cruise on the Elbe, a stroke paralyzes him, so that from one second to the next he can no longer communicate. He fights his way through the city to Nora, who works as a librarian, in the reading room and collapses.
At the last minute, an emergency ambulance takes Uli to the hospital. Nora is overwhelmed by the situation. When she finally fetches a few things for Uli from his apartment on the initiative of her friend and colleague Eva (Margarita Broich), a cell phone suddenly rings. On the other end, an unknown woman’s voice answers, sounding strangely familiar. So familiar that Nora suspects a secret in Uli’s life. She seeks advice from her friend Eva, and she asks for help from Uli’s older brother, the restorer Frank (Hans Jochen Wagner) and his wife Hilde (Meret Becker), only to discover that the relationship between the brothers has been broken for years.
Nora still hesitates to visit Uli herself in the hospital. She cannot and will not confront him with her suspicions. Instead, she goes to the coast, to Uli’s hometown, and meets Karin (Fritzi Haberlandt), the other woman who has been involved with Uli for years. Meanwhile, Uli suspects that his life’s lie is shattering. He can no longer stay in the hospital. He mobilizes all his strength and, despite his critical condition, embarks on a dangerous journey on his own initiative and travels to the coast to reveal himself to the two women.
Producers are Jutta Lieck-Klenke and Dietrich Kluge. Directed and scripted by Thomas Berger, edited by Daniel Blum at ZDF.

  • Stab

    Drehbuch nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Siegfried Lenz
    & Regie
    Thomas Berger

    Wedigo von Schultzendorff

    Thorsten Lau

    Natascha Curtius-Noss

    Florian Tessloff

    Rebecca Gerling

    Film Editor
    Jan Henrik Pusch

    Frank B. Bosselmann

    Roger Daute

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dr. Dietrich Kluge

    Network Movie, Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Daniel Blum

    Die Darsteller

    Nora Fechner
    Ina Weisse

    Uli Martens
    Heino Ferch

    Eva Grant
    Margarita Broich

    Karin Petersen
    Fritzi Haberlandt

    Hendrik Hansen
    Peter Jordan

    Frank Martens
    Hans-Jochen Wagner

    Hilde Martens
    Meret Becker

    Tedros Teclebrhan

    Peter Franke


Siegfried Lenz mit Darstellerin Ina Weisse bei einem seiner letzten öffentlichen Auftritte im Rahmen der Premiere von "Die Flut ist pünktlich", Filmfest Hamburg, September 2013. ""Siegfried Lenz ist ein feiner Mensch" (Ina Weisse).