The first day of school after the summer vacations, the usual buzz and bustle in the school. A former student enters the school building with a rifle. He shoots the popular teacher Katja (Meret Becker), who is brought to the hospital seriously injured and falls into a coma. After shock and reflection, students and teachers re-enter the school. But what happens next? Teacher Drea (Anna Loos) takes over her friend’s traumatized class. At first, she only wants to lead the children back into a regular routine, but she does this for the sake of Katja, to whom she feels an inner obligation. She herself was about to quit, having been a teacher for years, and was thoroughly fed up with the profession.

This film focuses not so much on the event itself, on the perpetrator and the motive, but on the difficult path of those affected back into everyday life: students as well as teachers who, although physically unharmed, have to find the strength to live “normally” again. Not least with the help of psychologist Weininger, played by Axel Prahl.

Anna Loos, Axel Prahl and Meret Becker are convincing in the leading roles. After the touching film “Wohin mit Vater”, “Die Lehrerin” is the new film by director Tim Trageser. Laila Stieler also wrote the screenplay for this and acts as producer.
“Die Lehrerin” (working title) is a ZDF commissioned production by Network Movie Cologne, producer is Wolfgang Cimera. Pit Rampelt is the ZDF editor. Filming took place from September 20 to mid-October 2010. .

  • Stab

    Lailia Stieler

    Tim Trageser

    Eckard Jansen

    Tom Hornig

    Anne-Gret Oehme

    Andreas Weidinger

    Doris Borkmann

    Gisela Castronari-Jaensch

    Peter Hartwig

    Annette Oswald

    Laila Stieler

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Pit Rampelt

    Die Darsteller

    Anna Loos
    Axel Prahl
    Meret Becker
    Ramona Kunze-Libnow
    Christina Große
    Julius Nitschkoff
    Leo Natalis
    Alicia Seyding
    Helene Doppler
    Oskar Bökelmann
    Sammy Scheuritzel
    Peter Pauli
    Johannes Richard Voelkel
    Nicoline Schubert
    Christine Schmidt-Schaller
    Marie Rosa Tietjen