• Runtime: 90'

Helen Dorn herself becomes a case for the police, because: she is accused of the murder of her boss Mattheisen (Daniel Friedrich). A surveillance of an illegal arms deal gets out of hand.

Three Poles are dead, two of them policemen. Mattheisen initiates Helen Dorn into a conspiracy theory: he is convinced that the arms shipment was destined for an underground right-wing radical group – covered up by a mole in the LKA.

But before Mattheisen can explain to Helen who is behind it, he is dead – shot with Helen’s service weapon. And Helen is found at the scene by her colleagues, with the gun in her hand and a film tear in her head.

Helen knows that she can no longer trust anyone. But: there is a witness, a 15-year-old homeless girl (Valerie Stoll), who happened to be nearby during the observation. And who now recognizes one of her colleagues in the LKA as one of the perpetrators. Helen knows she must protect her witness. She decides to flee with Mona.

While Helen is wanted by her own colleagues for Mattheisen’s murder and hunted by the criminals, she must track down the real culprit and prevent an attack. In the process, she also has to deal with the pubescent brat, who doesn’t necessarily make her life any easier. Because: Mo also has her own story to carry, the death of her parents, for which she feels responsible.

As they flee together, a chequered relationship develops between the two, revealing unknown sides of Helen Dorn.

Photos: © ZDF/Martin Valentin Menke

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