On the one hand a New York real estate agent, on the other a cunning colleague from the provinces: Between Diana Amft as Bella and Steffen Groth as Greg, trouble seems almost pre-programmed in the Katie Fforde adaptation “Bella’s Luck”.

Diana Amft and Steffen Groth, together with Michael Mendl, Angelika Thomas, Birte Hanusrichter and others, were in front of the camera in Boston and the surrounding area for the ZDF “Herzkino”. The screenplay was written by Elke Rössler and directed by Frauke Thielecke.

New York real estate agent Bella Castle (Diana Amft) loves her job with all her heart. Thanks to her unerring instinct for houses and people, she finds the perfect home for each of her clients. Since her divorce from ex-husband Mick (Mathias Harrebye-Brandt), she has lost the warmth of her home: Her ten-year-old son Jayden (Oskar von Schönfels) feels torn between mother and father, and to make matters worse, Bella’s parents Elisabeth (Angelika Thomas) and Benjamin Ross (Michael Mendl) are separating. The two want to sell the idyllic family residence in Marblehead without further ado. Apparently, they have fallen for the shrewd realtor Greg (Steffen Groth), who under questionable conditions sells older people their houses. For Bella, this is a real test of endurance: while she is determined to put a stop to the cunning real estate professional Greg, she also tries to mediate between her estranged parents.

  • Drehbuch
    Elke Rössler

    Frauke Thielecke

    Meinolf Schmitz

    Andreas Rudolph

    Didra Szugs

    Ingo Ludwig Frenzel

    Heidrun Petersen

    Geraldine Sulima

    Melanie Lauche

    Roger Daute

    Nina Tanneberger

    Junior Producer
    Jenny Maruhn

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Sabine Jaspers

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Verena von Heereman

    Die Darsteller:
    Diana Amft
    Steffen Groth
    Michael Mendl
    Angelika Thomas
    Mathias Harrebye-Brandt
    Birte Hanusrichter
    Oskar von Schönfels