• Runtime: 90'
  • Viewers: 5,6 Mio / 17,0 MA

Antonia (Marion Kracht) and Dr. Thomas Hellmann (Michael Roll) are on their honeymoon in Namibia. The happy couple is fascinated by the impressive African country: beautiful lush green steppe landscapes, wild animals, breathtaking displays of color and impressive desert landscapes. Following the trip, Antonia wants to set up a midwifery school at the bush hospital run by her former colleague Dr. Grothe (Andreas Borcherding). Upon her arrival, of all things, Dr. Grothe has an accident. Thomas spontaneously decides to take his place and stay in Namibia until he recovers. But not without first making sure that everything continues as usual at the maternity clinic on Tegernsee – in Bavaria, of course, Dr. Leitner, Helena and Vroni see to that. Antonia, meanwhile, takes on the great challenge of teaching. The work requires a lot of empathy and persuasion, but also promises wonderful moments with the enthusiastic students from the surrounding area. Far away from the western standard, the committed Antonia manages the balancing act between classical school medicine and traditional African natural medicine not without headwind from her own circles. Along the way, the orphan boy Nahas (Luka Kumi) wins the heart of the newlyweds. Antonia and Thomas want to adopt the eleven-year-old boy – provided Nahas can even imagine living somewhere else and the authorities agree. When head midwife Vroni Stangassinger (Christiane Blumhoff) and her young colleague Helena (Julia Bremermann) show up in Africa, the surprise is perfect.

  • Stab

    Silke Schwella & Marcel Courant
    nach Motiven von Christiane Lentz & Christine Zierl

    John Delbridge

    Nicolas Joray

    Pierre Pfundt

    Karsten Gollnick

    Andreas Weidinger

    Sandra Köppe

    Jörg Kadler

    Produktion Namibia
    Media Logistics, Michaela Bauer

    Angela Gillner

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Silke Pützer

    Reinhold Elschot

    Network Movie,Köln

    Rita Nasser


    Marion Kracht
    Michael Roll
    Julia Bremermann
    Christiane Blumhoff
    Werner Haindl
    Luka Kumi
    Timothy Peach
    Sabine Petzl
    Andreas Borcherding
    Nandi Nyembe
    Zikhona Mda
    Nakedi Ribane
    Michael Dube
    Lourina Kakololo
    Iyaloo Lenga
    Girley Jazama

    Fotos © ZDF / Network Movie / Tony Figueira