All ready for the celebration in the “Golden Lion” to eat: The restaurant has received its first star. Only owner Peter Siegener has still not shown up. There he suddenly stands in the doorway, with torn clothes and a laceration on his head. Just shouts “Out!” – and throws the whole company out of the restaurant, including his wife Sophia and the chef, his daughter Christina. The next morning Peter Siegener is dead, shot in the “Golden Lion”. The traces at the scene of the crime do not give much. However, Lutter and his partner Engels soon discover that there is no shortage of people in the dead man’s entourage with a solid motive for murdering the headstrong patriarch. His brother Klaus, for example, who bears clear marks on his face from a very physical altercation. Klaus remains silent about the quarrel with Peter, but Lutter gets on the trail of a momentous deal between the brothers years ago that gave Peter sole ownership of the family snack bar in the pedestrian zone. For Peter, this was a veritable goldmine and the foundation of his fortune; Klaus has been an employee behind the counter ever since. The relationship between sausage supplier Ludwig Demski and Peter’s wife Sophia is also opaque. Demski claims to have been Peter’s best friend, but in the dead man’s safe the police find an expired bill of exchange in Ludwig’s name. Demski had six-figure debts to Peter and, Lutter assumes, an affair with Sophia, who must have suffered even more from her husband’s recent whims than from his frequent affairs with other women. Lutter immediately senses that Sophia is putting great pressure on her daughter Christina. But he only finds out the secret that the insecure boss shares with her boyfriend and sous-chef Marcello after Marcello is suddenly suspected of having cheated on Christina. Only Peter’s son Felix and his girlfriend Natascha seem to be a happy couple. However, Felix of all people behaves surprisingly uncooperative. Neglected by his father as the son from his first marriage, he grew up as the foster son of his uncle Klaus. But wherever Lutter and Engels inquire, they encounter a wall of silence in this case. Only the discovery of an abandoned penthouse apartment in Peter’s name puts the two policemen on the decisive track – and sets further dramatic events in motion…

  • Stab

    Susanne Boeing, Margot Faust, Tom Bewac

    Torsten Wacker

    Andrè Lex

    Claus Kottmann

    Ute Paffendorf

    Mario Lauer

    Sandra Köppe

    Darius Simaifar

    Petra Herpich

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Christoph Benkelmann

    Nina Güde

    Network Movie Köln

    Reinhold Elschot

    Alexander Bickel


    Joachim Król
    Matthias Koeberlin
    Uwe Kockisch
    Ulrike Krumbiegel
    Jasmin Schwiers
    Denis Moschitto
    Cosma Shiva Hagen
    Johannes Allmayer
    Karl Markovics
    Dietmar Mues
    Jochen Nickel
    Timo Dierkes
    Paul Faßnacht
    Daniel Wiemer
    Michael Kessler