• Runtime: 90er

From Herne to Essen. 21 kilometers on the A 40 past Bochum, past Gelsenkirchen. Only 21 kilometers. Or almost half a lifetime: Joachim Król, born and raised in Herne, trained as an actor at the Otto Falckenberg School in Munich, celebrated on stage, on television and in the cinema. Joachim Król, who has lent glamour to so many films internationally with his name and skills – now he has returned to the Ruhr region as Essen’s chief detective Lutter in the Saturday crime series of the same name on ZDF. So sympathetically changeable and yet always true to himself, that at least is what actor Król and his character have in common. Król and Essen, Lutter and the Ruhr region, the inspector and his district, which shimmers between tradition and modernity: a more than promising combination for an entertaining and exciting crime series.