A murder in Travemünde plunges Gesine Cukrowski in her role as detective inspector Tina Campenhausen into deep conflicts. What does her sister Jenny, played by Katharina Wackernagel, have to do with the dead man? Pure suspense!

It seems to be a case like any other. Just in time for the weekend, which detective inspector Tina Campenhausen (Gesine Cukrowski) actually wanted to spend with her family, she is called to a hotel in Travemünde. There a hotel guest was found dead in the bathtub. At first, everything points to a tragic suicide, but then Tina Campenhausen realizes that she knows the dead man from before, but she keeps this secret from her colleagues. In her private life, Tina is also caught up with her past when her sister Jenny Hansen (Katharina Wackernagel), with whom she has had no contact since childhood, suddenly appears at her door – supposedly to reconcile with Tina. Tina doesn’t trust the peace, and in fact the clues are mounting that Jenny might have something to do with the death of the hotel guest von Brederstein. Tina gets into the biggest conflict of conscience of her life. While she gets more and more entangled in inconsistencies and deviates from the path of the correct policewoman, Jenny plays her way into the hearts of Tina’s family and that of police colleague Chris. Tina feels more and more like a stranger in her own life, and everything she holds dear threatens to slip away….

A film about unresolved pasts and personal guilt, told as a suspenseful psychological thriller, starring Gesine Cukrowski and Katharina Wackernagel. Other roles are played by Michael Mendl, Matthias Koeberlin, Johanna Gastdorf and Götz Schubert. The film is directed by Tim Trageser from a script by Kathrin Richter and Jürgen Schlagenhof, based on an idea by Hanno Hackfort and Michael Helfrich. The film is produced by Network Movie Cologne, Wolfgang Cimera. Pit Rampelt is the ZDF editor. Filming will continue until the end of February in Hamburg, Lübeck and on the Baltic Sea.

  • Stab

    Kathrin Richter, Jürgen Schlagenhof
    nach einer Idee von Hanno Hackfort, Michael Helfrich

    Tim Trageser

    Eckhard Jansen

    Sonja Strömer

    Sylvia Risa

    Andreas Weidinger

    Sandra Köppe, Dominik Klingberg

    Gisela Castronari-Jaensch

    Jeffrey Budd

    Annette Oswald

    Andrea Rullmann

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Pit Rampelt

    Die Rollen und ihre Darsteller

    Tina Campenhausen Gesine Cukrowski
    Jenny Hansen Katharina Wackernagel
    Christoph Pensin Matthias Koeberlin
    Gero Campenhausen Götz Schubert
    Steffen Ahrends Michael Mendl
    Frau von Brederstein Johanna Gastdorf
    Marie Campenhausen Lieselotte Voß
    Anna Kosloff Rike Schäffer
    Theo Wirth Alexander Hörbe
    Mathilda Aleksandra Balmazovic
    Schneider/von Brederstein Albrecht Ganskopf
    Tina (12 Jahre) Anuschka van Lent
    Jenny (9 Jahre) Paula Bruss