• Runtime: 90'

Suddenly disconnected from life-support machines, an unidentified woman dies in a Hamburg hospital. Chief Inspector Johannes Fischer (Henry Hübchen) and his team are puzzled: who would break into a hospital to kill an unnamed coma patient?

While the investigators are searching for the mysterious perpetrator, two more murders occur. Quickly, it becomes clear that the two dead men used to be close friends. The investigation leads Johannes Fischer to the hometown of the two, a small town in Lower Saxony.

Digging deeper, he dives into the abysses of a long, bygone summer in 1995. Back then, a special friendship between the, then thirteen-year-old boys, Tobias and Linus had begun. Fischer comes across an event which happened 25 years ago and tragically changed the lives of eight people. Are the events of the past somehow connected to the recent murders? What happened during the hot summer of 1995? And what happened after the summer vacation when substitute teacher Olivia Rentlow started at the local school? As the investigators finally uncover the dark secret surrounding the music teacher, all evil of the past is revealed, clouding the innocence of that summer.

  • Director
    Lars-Gunnar Lotz

    Nils-Morten Osburg based on the novel of the same name by Jan Costin Wagner

    Julia Daschner

    Production Design
    Juliane Friedrich

    Costume Design
    Nicole Hutmacher

    Matthias Weber

    Sandra Köppe, Jacqueline Rietz

    Film Editor
    Stefan Stabenow

    Vanessa Eggers

    Andreas Breyer

    Produced by
    Silke Pützer, Wolfgang Cimera

    Production Company
    Network Movie, Köln

    Karina Ulitzsch

Nominiert für den “Rheingold Publikumspreis 2022”, Ludwigshafener Filmfestival https://www.festival-des-deutschen-films.de/filme/das-licht-in-einem-dunklen-haus