To kick off the new season, ZDF shows “SOKO KÖLN” in feature length.

Riding instructor Röttgen is acquitted of charges of kidnapping and murdering a student. Allegedly, a confession was forcefully extracted from him at the time. Now the case is transferred to SOKO Cologne.
The investigation into Leonie’s murder proves difficult: Uhlen, the inspector in charge at the time, conceals important information and is certain that Röttgen is the murderer. Why? And what secret are he and Inspector Matti Wagner guarding from earlier times?

Suddenly, events come to a head: A second girl is kidnapped. Mira Limbach, Leonie’s best friend, disappears after riding lessons. The acquitted Henrik Röttgen is highly suspicious and has also disappeared without a trace. Did Röttgen kidnap Mira and then disappear? The SOKO Cologne investigates in a race against time, in a fight for life and death. How far will the commissioners go when possible witnesses remain silent instead of providing information that could mean Mira’s last rescue?

The producers are Andrea Rullmann and Jan Knauer. SOKO Köln – Die Zeit heilt keine Wunden” was produced by Network Movie Cologne, producer is Wolfgang Cimera. The editorial staff at ZDF is Wolfgang Witt and Peter Jännert.

  • Stab

    Hubert Eckert

    Torsten Goffin

    Michael Schneider

    Thomas von Kreisler

    Jörg Kroschel

    Daira Bumanis

    Julia Brandes

    Stephen Keusch

    Andrea Rullmann, Jan Knauer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Wolfgang Witt, Peter Jännert


    Diana Staehly
    Pierre Besson
    Lukas Piloty
    Tatjana Kästel
    Kerstin Landsmann
    Thomas Clemens
    Juergen Maurer
    Matthias Ziesing
    Jule Ronstedt
    Martin Lidnow
    Lydia Stäubli
    Sven Gerhardt
    Charlotte Lorenzen
    Sarita Knabe
    Ruben Brinkman
    Katharina Rivilis
    Nina Kronjäger
    Svenja Wasser
    Andrea Wolf
    und andere