• Runtime: 90er

20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, we are still in the midst of the process of bringing together what belongs together. This process is still conflict-laden and extremely painful. To accompany this development within the framework of a film series and to illustrate current changes is the central concern of the “Solo for Black” series. It is about reconstructing as honestly as possible a world that has always remained alien to West Germans and that threatens to be lost in the political dispute over the historical image of the GDR. Hannah Schwarz’s private story, with its injuries and recriminations, reflects the history of the divided country. Hannah’s biography – born in Schwerin, raised in the West, now returned – offers the opportunity to address East and West sensitivities – in various facets, including mutual slights, misunderstandings and prejudices. With its unusual mixture of melancholy and harshness, “Solo für Schwarz,” starring the excellent Barbara Rudnik, has been a success with audiences and critics alike.