While target investigators Nora Weiss (Anna Maria Mühe) and Jan Geissler (Peter Jordan) are celebrating the success of a successful mission, they are visited by Bavarian local politician Monika Landau (Katharina Müller-Elmau), who is on vacation at the Baltic Sea and misses her husband. When his body washes up on the beach the next day, Nora and her colleague Simon Brandt (Jan Krauter) of the Lübeck homicide squad begin to look into the dead man’s life and surroundings to find a “clue.” A clue as to what might have happened to him.

One lead finally takes the investigators to Güstrow, in the former GDR. There, Maik Wosniak (André M. Hennicke) seems to be hiding something, which is why he sets his dog on the investigators and manages to escape from them in a breakneck chase. But with him, Nora has found a “toucher.” In old Stasi files, she finds out that the fugitive was in GDR prison at the time, while Patrick escaped from the GDR – on a sailboat. Parallel to the investigation, Nora’s father, Pastor Rainer Weiss (Rainer Bock), is to receive an award from a human rights association for his activities as an escape agent in GDR times. Nora has a terrible suspicion: did her father play a completely different role than he claims?

  • Regie
    Judith Kennel

    Mathias Klaschka

    Nathalie Wiedemann

    Florian Tessloff

    Friederike von Normann

    Iris Trescher-Lorenz

    Nana Kolbinger

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Polli Elsner

    Junior Producer
    Astrid Klima

    Roger Daute

    Vanessa Eggers

    Daniel Blum

    Die Darsteller:
    Anna Maria Mühe
    Jan Krauter
    Peter Jordan
    Rainer Bock
    Natalia Rudziewicz
    Hannes Hellmann
    Janette Rauch
    Katharina Müller-Elmau
    Lisa Bitter
    André M. Hennicke
    Lina Wendel
    Jörg Pose
    Vivien Mahler
    Ramona Kunze-Libnow
    Annette Uhlen

In der Krimireihe "Solo für Weiss" ermittelt Anna Maria Mühe als LKA-Zielfahnderin Nora Weiss in Lübeck und Umgebung. Peter Jordan spielt ihren Vorgesetzten Jan Geissler; Jan Krauter ist Simon Brandt, ihr Kollege von der Mordkommission. Die beiden ersten Filme "Das verschwundene Mädchen" (5,84 Mio, 17,3 % MA) und "Die Wahrheit hat viele Gesichter" (6,41 Mio. Zuschauer, 19,8 % MA) zeigte das ZDF am 7. und 9. November 2016, jeweils 20.15 Uhr.