• Runtime: 90´
  • Viewers: 5,59 / 18,0

Annabelle Martinelli (Natalia Wörner), a successful criminal defense attorney at the renowned Berlin law firm Quante & Ackermann, specializes in sexual criminal law and is extremely popular with male clients, because having a woman as your defense in court promises considerable psychological advantages.

Your new client is Momo, a gangster rapper with multiple convictions but highly successful. He is accused of brutally raping his girlfriend Donna. Drugs, weapons possession, assault and his songs are anti-Semitic and sexist: Momo does not enjoy the best image. He doesn’t want to know about a rape and claims that his girlfriend just wants to get back at him because he threw her out. John Quante, Annabelle’s boss, urges her to win this high-profile case, because Momo is backed by a music label worth millions. Annabelle gets to work. Daily Business.

Then John Quante approaches her with a new explosive case. This one is not yet public. Mike Petry, the CEO of a listed company, is alleged to have raped his assistant on a business trip. Annabelle is charged with preventing a trial at all costs and bringing about a settlement. But this case is completely different for Annabelle, because the assistant in question is her girlfriend….

Photos: © ZDF/Conni Klein

“Truth or Lie” premiered at the Filmfest Hamburg 2019 on September 27, 2019.

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