Helen Dorn is needed as a protector in her new case: a judge is threatened.

The exceedingly harsh sentences of juvenile court judge Dr. Kleinert (Heino Ferch) regularly send convicts into an uproar. Kleinert is used to enduring this wrath. But now hate mails have turned into acute threats: In the apartment of escaped intensive offender Marek Kurth (Sebastian Urzendowsky), the police become aware of his pathological hatred for the youth judge.

The LKA is informed, Helen Dorn investigates. Kleinert’s wife Johanna (Nele Mueller-Stöfen) is highly alarmed. Who knows if the next time the two adolescent daughters will also be targeted? The nurse Thomczyk (Peter Schneider) also has every reason to want to harm the judge. After his wife’s sudden death from cancer, Kleinert deprived him of custody of their daughter. Thomczyk has nothing left to lose and commits an arson attack on the judge’s house.

The situation comes to a head when Kurth is found dead. Traces of the same accelerant used in the arson attack on the house are found on Kurth’s clothing. But the judge vehemently resists police protection. Is it really just about his reputation as “Judge Merciless” or does Dr. Kleinert have a secret?

Directed by Alexander Dierbach from a script by Mathias Schnelting. A production of Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion, Jutta Lieck-Klenke, on behalf of ZDF. Editing by Daniel Blum.

  • Regie
    Alexander Dierbach

    Mathias Schnelting

    Markus Schott

    Janina Gerkens

    Jérôme Latour

    Nana Kolbinger

    Rebecca Gerling

    Wolfram de Marco

    Vanessa Eggers

    Roger Daute

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke
    Dietrich Kluge

    Daniel Blum

    Die Darsteller:
    Anna Loos
    Heino Ferch
    Ernst Stötzner
    Christina Hecke
    Daniel Friedrich
    Tristan Seith
    Nele Mueller-Stöfen
    Caroline Hartig
    Lilly Wagner
    Sebastian Urzendowsky
    Jonathan Berlin
    Peter Schneider
    Franziska Hartmann