Inspector Brauner (Martin Brambach) is shot in Bad Gastein.

In her 15th case, Jana Winter (Natalia Wörner) investigates a maelstrom of murder, intrigue and deadly revenge.

Jana Winter (Natalia Wörner) becomes the new head of the police department in Schleswig. Her colleague, chief detective Arne Brauner (Martin Brambach), is anything but pleased about this and travels to Bad Gastein to escape the handover. There he becomes the victim of an attack.

However, Arne Brauner cannot say anything about the course of events; he has an alcohol-induced film break. The investigating inspector Franz Robanegg (Cornelius Obonya) contacts Jana Winter, who then travels to Bad Gastein. Near the place where Brauner was shot, Jana Winter and Franz Robanegg discover the body of a woman.

The killed woman, a geologist, wanted to check an obviously faulty report on radioactive radiation in the healing tunnel of her husband Thomas Ortlauer (Simon Hatzl). Did the husband have something to do with the murder? The person who commissioned the report, Christoph Siewert (Felix Everding), a rich former investment banker who wants to invest in Bad Gastein, also comes under suspicion.

Further investigations lead Jana Winter to a crime that happened a long time ago in the Hotel Kroll of owner Peter Kroll (Klaus Pohl). And what role does Feli Robanegg (Christiane von Poelnitz) play, who is also the wife of Inspector Robanegg. The truth about a sex crime that has remained unsolved to this day could solve the mystery of the family’s tangled, dark history.

It is produced by Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion Hamburg. Producers are Jutta Lieck-Klenke and Dietrich Kluge, producer is Lydia-Maria Emrich. Daniel Blum is the ZDF editor. The film was again directed by Judith Kennel, based on a book by André Georgi.

Photos: © ZDF /Marco Nagel, Manju Sawhney


  • Regie: Judith Kennel

    Drehbuch: André Georgi
    Nach einer Vorlage von Gwendolyn Bellmann und Marianne Wendt

    Kamera: Nicolay Gutscher

    Szenenbild: Thorsten Lau

    Kostüm: Petra Neumeister

    Musik: Sven Rossenbach, Florian von Volxem

    Casting: Roger Daute

    Schnitt: Friederike von Normann

    Herstellungsleitung: Roger Daute

    Produzenten: Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge

    Producerin: Lydia-Maria Emrich

    Redaktion: Daniel Blum (ZDF)

    Die Darsteller:
    Natalia Wörner
    Martin Brambach
    Ralph Herforth
    Cornelius Obonya
    Christiane von Poelnitz
    Klaus Pohl
    Nicole Beutler
    Simon Hatzl
    Manuel Rubey
    Felix Everding
    Hansjürgen Hürrig
    Kian Schmidt