Inspector Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) in search of a double murderer and the connection to a case from the past.

In the icy winter on Gotland, a young couple is shot dead. Inspector Anders knows the two and was himself with his wife Emma (Frida Hallgren) shortly before at the New Year’s party of Martin and Kerstin Levander (Mikael Birkkjær, Angela Kovács), the parents of the dead man, at which the latter had announced his engagement.

No valuables are found with the bodies. And although a murder has been committed in the same place before, he believes that the latest crime was only disguised as a robbery. When Andy Torwald (Henrik Lundström), who stalked the dead woman, is interrogated, he pretends to be clueless. Anders also questions choir director Jonas Norén (Lauri Tanskanen), whose wife died years ago in the same place. At the time, Birger Kalström (Björn Floberg) was suspected of the crime. Investigators find a paint track at the crime scene that could point to Birger’s gray car. Birger knew the murdered Mats, but what motive could the teacher have? Anders investigates under high pressure and realizes only at the last second that his wife Emma is in great danger.

“Für immer Dein” is the 21st case in the Gotland series, which has been broadcast on ZDF since 2007.

  • Drehbuch
    Annette Hess

    Regie & Kamera
    Miguel Alexandre

    Marcel Peragine

    Andreas Rudolph

    Helmut Ignaz Meyer

    Rebecca Gerling, Malou Schultzberg

    Wolfram de Marco

    Melanie Lauche

    Roger Daute

    Sylvie Dous

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Wolfgang Feindt

    Die Darsteller:
    Walter Sittler
    Frida Hallgren
    Andy Gätjen
    Inger Nilsson
    Mikael Birkkjær
    Charlotta Jonsson
    Björn Floberg
    Angela Kovács
    Lauri Tanskanen
    Ida Gyllensten