Anna Norum (Lia Boysen) is in her early 40s and has come a long way as a professor of marine biology at the University of Gotland. Funded by the EU, she is to go with a research ship to the Indian Ocean in the summer to observe blue whales. Eight students will get the unique chance to come along. The places are highly coveted. But then their most ambitious student, Peter Holmgren, is found dead one morning. He had unexpectedly failed the exam, feeling unfairly treated because his much inferior fellow student Albin Sundergart (Mans Ask) had been given a place on the ship. Murder or suicide?

Shortly after, the professor arrives at the hospital injured, claiming to have been hit by a car. However, pathologist Ewa (Inger Nilsson) confirms the hospital doctor’s findings: the injuries don’t look like that at all, more like violence. Inspector Anders (Walter Sittler) does not want to take any risks and places Anna in her lonely house under police protection against her own will.

He would like to do the same with his daughter Ida (Charlotte Lüder), because for the first time she doesn’t come home at night and doesn’t come clean about who she is with. Robert and his son Niklas (Sven Gielnik) are worried about her. They find out that she simply hasn’t been to school for two weeks. Robert also gets support from Emma (Frida Hallgren), who has been very close to him since his wife left for Africa. He can’t imagine life without her, with her always positive way of thinking.

A few days later, a walker on a cliff becomes aware of a fire and makes a gruesome discovery: scattered around are body parts that someone has tried to burn. An identification succeeds nevertheless. It is Lynn Thorson (Ebba Soderstrom), who is also studying marine biology and is dating Albin.

The screenplay was written by Thomas Roth, who also directs. Alongside Walter Sittler, a prominent ensemble of German and Scandinavian actors such as Sólveig Arnarsdóttir (“The Duo”), Inger Nilsson (“Pippi Longstocking”), Andy Gätjen, Frida Hallgren and many more are once again starring.

Der Kommissar und das Meer” is produced by Network Movie, Hamburg, Jutta Lieck-Klenke. Producer: Ilona Schultz. Klaus Bassiner and Wolfgang Feindt are the editors at ZDF.

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    Thomas Roth
    Nach Motiven der Romane von Mari Jungstedt

    Thomas Roth

    Arthur W. Ahrweiler

    Andreas Rudolph

    Helmut Ignaz Meyer

    Florian Römer

    Rebecca Gerling

    Film Editor
    Birgit Gasser

    Christian Krohn

    Roger Daute

    Ilona Schultz

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Klaus Bassiner, Wolfgang Feindt

    Die Darsteller

    Walter Sittler
    Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
    Andy Gätjen
    Inger Nilsson
    Sven Gielnik
    Charlotte Lüder
    Lia Boysen
    MÃ¥ns Ask
    Kim Bodnia
    Mats LÃ¥ngbacka
    Ebba Söderström

    Foto © Network Movie / Jan Philipp Grelich