Adrian Weynfeldt comes from a wealthy family, is an expert on Swiss art, in his mid-50s and a bachelor. His world, tailored from shoes to pajamas, consists of a manageable number of controllable relationships and ever-same daily routines. But one night, the lack of an olive for his drink drives him out of his apartment and into a nearby bar. There he meets a beautiful woman whose direct manner and unpolished charm Adrian cannot resist. Contrary to his custom, he takes Lorena home with him.

The next morning she stands outside the balcony parapet and wants to jump down. The clumsy Weynfeldt manages to stop her from doing so. From now on, Lorena makes him responsible for her life and entices him to help her out of financial straits on several occasions. Thus, he begins to pay her debts to a man named Pedroni, whom Lorena states is a bill collector. Then his old friend Dr. Baier asks him for an impossible favor: Weynfeldt is to release a forgery of the painting “Nue devant un Salamandre” by Felix Vallotton for auction. But what does Lorena have to do with it? And will Weynfeldt, who until now has had nothing to do with the forger and blackmailer milieu, resist the temptation?

  • Stab

    Alexander Buresch, nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Martin Suter

    Alain Gsponer

    Matthias Fleischer

    Gerald Damovsky

    Pascale Suter

    Diego Baldenweg

    Gion-Reto Kilias

    Sina Schlatter

    Christof Stllhard

    Produzent en
    Anne Walser, Peter Nadermann

    Klaus Bassiner, Wolfgang Feindt (ZDF), Peter Studhalter, Maya Fahrni (SF)

    Die Darsteller
    Stefan Kurt
    Marie Bäumer
    Roeland Wiesnekker
    Nicholas Ofczarek
    Vadim Glowna
    Annemarie Düringer
    Susanna Fernandes Genebra
    Bettina Stucky
    Pascal Ulli
    und andere