Sonia Forster has had a bad time: her marriage to the filthy rich banker Frédéric Forster ended in disaster. Since her husband tried to kill her, she can no longer find peace. The young woman therefore decides to go into hiding for the time being. Rather unexpectedly, she gets the job as a physiotherapist in a newly opened wellness hotel in Val Grisch in the Lower Engadine. Even the journey there feels liberating, and Sonia is willing to leave everything bad and evil behind, to make a new start. Soon she makes friends with the masseur Manuel, and she also takes the attractive bar pianist Bob to her heart. The young owner, Barbara Peters, is also sympathetic to Sonia, even though she can’t explain her situation.
The hotel is barely operating at capacity, and this probably doesn’t even come close to covering the immense costs of running it. Sonia, who is still fighting fears and delusions even in the remote Engadine valley despite her good intentions, does not notice at first that the mood of the villagers is hostile towards the hotel’s employees. Val Grisch had so far remained closed to tourism and, according to the locals, should remain so. It is only when more and more inexplicable things begin to happen at the hotel that Sonia begins to take notice.
Do the strange events perhaps have something to do with herself? When she comes across the old Engadine legend of the Devil of Milan, she realizes that something is not quite right here and that she has become part of a macabre game. The latent danger becomes more and more tangible for the young woman. Soon she realizes with frightening clarity that her past threatens to catch up with her and even her life is in danger.

  • Stab

    Thomas Berger, nach dem gleichnamigen Roman von Martin Suter

    Markus Welter

    Pascal Rémond

    Urs Beuter

    Julia Ensner

    Michael Sauter

    Cécile Welter

    Roland Stebier

    Esther Rutschmann

    Anne Walser, Peter Nadermann

    Klaus Bassiner, Wolfgang Feindt (ZDF), Lilian Räber. Maya Fahrni (SRF)

    Die Darsteller
    Regula Grauwiller
    Ina Weisse
    Max Simonischek
    Aaron Hitz
    Philippe Graber
    Herbert Leiser
    Kaspar Weiss
    David Rott
    Elisabeth Trissenaar
    Mia Aegerter
    und andere