Marie Hansen’s big dream is to become a doctor. But she fails the exam for the third time and is exmatriculated. Marie gets into a heated argument between her parents and her younger sister. The 19-year-old Sara is pregnant without being married – and she is the daughter of the village priest. For Fritz and Ruth Hansen, this is a catastrophe. Marie cannot bring herself to confess the truth about her own failure to her parents as well….

Eight years later: Marie, now in her early 30s, works as an assistant doctor in the pediatric ward of a hospital. She had applied for the job with a forged copy of a medical license. Marie is known as a competent, dedicated doctor and primarily cares for children suffering from the life-threatening, incurable metabolic disease cystic fibrosis. In this regard, 12-year-old Jonas Bruckner has grown close to her heart. She is also very attracted to his father Jan, a humorous teacher, and the feeling is mutual. She is hired by her boss and patron, Professor Lärchenfeld, to lead a drug study that is off to a promising start. Marie is skeptical about the study. Then she receives a request from the medical association to submit the original of her license to practice medicine. Marie goes to see Oliver Kremp, the person in charge. At first, she is able to put him off with an excuse – especially since he finds her attractive as a woman. Then Jan witnesses Marie’s confession about her life lie to her sister. He can only deal with this badly. And Kremp comes forward again. Marie’s conflicts come to a head.

  • Stab

    Annette Hess

    Miguel Alexandre

    Jörg Widmer

    Thomas Franz

    Wiebke Kratz

    Wolfram de Marco

    Rebecca Gerling

    Tobias Forth

    Christian Krohn

    Roger Daute

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Dietrich Kluge

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Günther van Endert

    Die Darsteller

    Silke Bodenbender
    Katharina Marie Schubert
    Wotan Wilke Möhring
    Hermann Beyer
    Michaela Rosen
    Anna-Lena Strasse
    Peter Kremer
    Rudolf Kowalski

    Foto © ZDF / NETWORK MOVIE / Walther Wehner, Christine Schroeder