• Runtime: 13 Folgen

When 17-year-old Adam wakes up from a coma after three years, he is closely monitored and not allowed to leave the hospital. What are his parents hiding from him? Where are all his friends? Adam is able to communicate with 15-year-old Hawa via a mysterious diary and escapes from the clinic. What Adam doesn’t yet know is that a virus is spreading outside that is affecting all young people his age. When Adam wants to meet up with Hawa, the two of them make a disturbing discovery…

  • Director
    Mathy Brouns

    Philippe De Schepper
    Pieter De Graeve

    Nico Surings

    Art Director
    Liselotte Van der Veken

    Costume Designer
    Jutta Smeyers

    Steve Willaert

    Sien Josephine Teijssen

    Film Editor
    Filip Croon

    Production Manager
    Kevin Hoed

    Free Kings / Jonny de Pony / Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH / Ketnet / VRT in Koproduktion mit ARD / WDR / NDR / SWR

Cast: Ayana Doucouré (Hawa Simons), Jonathan Michiels (Adam Pius), Charlotte Sieben (Kim Appeltans), Margaux Cauliez (Bilo), Wesley Ngoto (Titus) uvm.