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A rural idyll: a beautiful house, a loving young mother, a sweet baby. Suddenly shots are fired – the young woman does not survive. Her husband, doctor André Collmann, can no more explain the attack than Detective Chief Inspector Judith Mohn and her colleague Freddy Breyer. Then a friend of Collmann’s is kidnapped – and a video of the perpetrator himself is received by the police. He demands “the truth in the Nadine Abeck case”. The investigation leads Mohn and Breyer to a case that had long been closed for the police.

Several shots are fired at the country house of doctor André Collmann and his family. Collmann is not in the house at the time, and his wife dies. Chief Detective Judith Mohn and her colleague Freddy Breyer are confronted with an attack whose background is initially completely unclear. Shortly afterwards, Robert Haffner, a friend of Collmann’s, is kidnapped, and a video is received by the police, apparently from the perpetrator himself. He demands the reopening of the Nadine Abeck case: “72 hours for the truth, otherwise I’ll take the law into my own hands.”

Quickly, the first connection is determined. Apparently André Collmann, his friend Robert Haffner and Nadine Abeck had celebrated an excessive party night seven years ago, at the end of which Nadine fell into an irreversible coma. The exact circumstances of the tragedy could never be fully clarified. For Nadine’s father Wolfgang Abeck and her sister Tanja, Collmann and Haffner are to blame for Nadine’s fate. Haffner and Collmann, however, pleaded blackouts as a result of alcohol and drug consumption and were able to convince the police and the public prosecutor’s office of their innocence.

Wolfgang Abeck never got over this. For years, he and Tanja cared for the coma patient at home. Now Nadine died a few days ago: the trigger for Wolfgang Abeck’s vigilante justice. Parallel to the manhunt for Wolfgang Abeck, Judith Mohn once again begins to investigate the circumstances surrounding the party night. She knows that the case can only be solved when the whole truth comes to light …

Photos: © ZDF/Andrea Enderlein

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"Jagdfieber" ist der vierte Film der beliebten Reihe "In Wahrheit". Neben dem Hauptcast um Christina Hecke, Rudolf Kowalski und Robin Sondermann sind in diesem Fall unter anderem auch Jean-Yves Berteloot, Joachim Król und Barbara Prakopenka zu sehen. Die Regie übernahm Thomas Roth, der bereits zweimal die Romy, den österreichischen Film- und Fernsehpreis, für die beste Regie gewann: für die Folgen "Trautmann - Nichts ist so fein gesponnen" (2002) und "Tatort - Deckname Kidon" (2015).