• Runtime: 90'
  • Viewers: 6,37 Mio. / MA 20,6 %

EA on ARTE on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 20:15 (1.5 million viewers, 1.52% market share).

The Saarbrücken detective superintendent Judith Mohn (Christina Hecke) investigates with her colleague Freddy Breyer (Robin Sondermann) in the case of a dead prostitute whose body was found in a wooded area on the Saarschleife. Everything points to murder. The investigating duo initially focuses on the milieu along the long-distance truck route between Germany and France. When Judith Mohn suspects a connection to another case that has never been solved, she turns to former inspector Markus Zerner (Rudolf Kowalski). Almost ten years ago, he investigated the case of 16-year-old Maria, who disappeared without a trace while hitchhiking …

The body of a prostitute, Nele, is found in a wooded area on the Saarschleife. Everything points to murder. The case is assigned to the Saarbrücken detective superintendent Judith Mohn. Together with her team, she begins to investigate the milieu along the long-distance truck route between Germany and France. Then the case takes a new turn: Judith finds clues that the murder is connected to another case that has never been solved. Nine years ago, Maria, then 16, disappeared without a trace while hitchhiking. Her belongings were found in the same place as those of the prostitute Nele, who also resembled Maria. Judith decides to involve the former inspector Markus Zerner, who had investigated the Maria case at the time, in the investigation. Erich Kupka (Christian Berkel), a long-distance truck driver, becomes the target of the investigation – not least because his own wife Heike (Anna Loos) is afraid that he might have something to do with it. The suspicion against him is put into perspective, however, when Judith and her colleague Freddy find themselves in mortal danger during the questioning of another suspect, Kurt Mahn (Sebastian Rudolph), who had written a letter to the police, and the man confesses to the murder of the prostitute. But he turns out to be mentally disturbed. The team continues to investigate feverishly, with the support of Markus Zerner. Now Maria’s former boyfriend, Paul Satzmann (Constantin von Jascheroff), also comes back into the investigators’ focus. But when Judith and her team finally get hold of the perpetrator, they learn a story that goes through them – because nothing is as it seemed.

Directed and shot by Miguel Alexandre from a book by Harald Göckeritz and Miguel Alexandre. Producer is Anne-Lena Dwyer. A production of Network Movie, Jutta Lieck-Klenke on behalf of ZDF in cooperation with arte. The editors are Günther van Endert (ZDF) and Olaf Grunert (arte).

  • Regie
    Miguel Alexandre

    Harald Göckeritz
    Miguel Alexandre

    Miguel Alexandre

    Patrick Sven Müller

    Nana Kolbinger

    Wolfram de Marco

    Rebecca Gerling

    Film Editor
    Marcel Peragine

    Christoph Eggert

    Roger Daute

    Anne-Lena Dwyer

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Jutta Lieck-Klenke im Auftrag des ZDF in Zusammenarbeit mit arte

    Günther van Endert (ZDF)
    Olaf Grunert (arte)