“Romance is always relevant” Bestselling author Katie Fforde.

Katie Fforde’s warm-hearted, romantic relationship comedies always conquer the bestseller lists at the drop of a hat. The author lives with her family in southern England. An area she talks a lot about in her novels, along with Scotland. Network Movie moves the action to the Hudson Highlands near New York – a beautiful landscape that has not yet been shown on German television and that viewers can look forward to.


Young New Yorker Jenny Porter (Henriette Richter-Röhl) is about to get married to smart real estate agent Henry (Alexander Sternberg) when she gets her first big assignment in the picturesque Hudson Valley: auditing the Dalmain Works. If her report on the woolen mill is negative, her client Robert Grant-Emerson (Johannes Zirner), whom she doesn’t yet know personally, will close the mill. Jenny is tempted to accept the professional challenge. However, it is much more difficult than expected: Managing director Phillip Dalmain (Max Landgrebe) seems to be pursuing his own dubious interests, while his mother Ruth Dalmain (Eleonore Weisgerber) wants nothing to do with the factory’s problems. The only bright spot in the family is the sympathetic daughter Gwendolyn (Stefanie Stappenbeck), who studied design for a few semesters and fled home after a private disaster. Understandably, the staff at the Dalmain Works are extremely reserved about Jenny…

Katie Fforde: A Love in the Highlands” is produced by Network Movie Hamburg, Jutta Lieck-Klenke. Producer: Sabine Jaspers. Verena von Heereman is the ZDF editor.

  • Stab

    Ines Eschmann

    John Delbridge

    Nicolas Joray

    Klaus R. Weinrich

    Nicole Stoll, Silke Hennemann

    Jens Fischer

    Heidrun Petersen

    Ann-Sophie Schweizer

    Chris Schmelzer

    Roger Daute

    Junior Producerin
    Anne-Lena Dwyer

    Sabine Jaspers

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Verena von Heereman

    Die Darsteller

    Henriette Richter-Röhl
    Alexander Sternberg
    Johannes Zirner
    Stefanie Stappenbeck
    Eleonore Weisgerber
    Max Landgrebe
    Mareike Carriére
    Rolf Becker
    Rike Schäffer
    Martin May

    Fotos: ZDF / Network Movie / Sebastian Piras (NY) & Nicolas Joray