• Runtime: 90'

As a charming New York ex-couple, Ann-Kathrin Kramer and Jean-Yves Berteloot play Charade to adopt a long-awaited child.

Ann and Rick have been separated for several months – at least in private. He already has a new relationship with author Mina Melrose. Now, of all times, the adoption agency gets in touch: 16-year-old Lynette is heavily pregnant and looking for suitable parents for her baby.

The New York publishing couple Ann and Rick Withers have been separated for several months – at least privately, the two want to go their separate ways in the future. Rick has already entered into a new relationship with bestselling author Mina Melrose, who is represented by the publisher. Now, of all times, comes the long-awaited news from the adoption agency: Young Lynette (16) is six months pregnant and, along with Child Protective Services worker Mrs. Vaugh, is searching for suitable parents for her baby, whom she cannot and will not raise herself. Ann wants to keep pushing for adoption, but as a single mom, she doesn’t stand a chance. Rick reluctantly agrees to join his ex in temporarily pretending to be a “happy married couple” to everyone involved.
This works at first, but when Ann decides to take the rebellious girl in, the complications are pre-programmed. Lynette has done some not-so-legal things and – in order not to have to give birth to her child behind bars – has to fulfill strict parole conditions: Permanent residence, community service and always obeying the law! Rick and Ann have to keep up appearances for longer than planned….
Ann and Lynette’s life together proves to be a permanent challenge – worlds collide. In addition, Ann keeps clashing with grumpy (and attractive) parole officer Bradley, while jealous Mina decides to leave. Just as Ann and Rick are getting closer again, they are in danger of being exposed as a “fake married couple.” Finally, nothing stands in the way of adoption. But Lynette has decided to venture into motherhood herself, with Ann and Rick’s support.

  • Ann-Kathrin Kramer

    Jean-Yves Berteloot

    Annika Schrumpf

    Marie Gruber

    Isabell Polak

    Dieter Landuris


    Khyana el Bitar, Jenny Maruhn

    Sigi Rothemund

    Dragan Rogulj

    Marcus A. Berndt

    Didra Szugs

    Robert Schulte Hemming, Jens Langbein

    Rebecca Gerling

    Angelika Sengbusch

    Chris Schmelzer

    Roger Daute

    Nina Tanneberger

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Verena von Heereman