Just before Christmas, the Oxenford Bio Lab research laboratory near Edingburgh is under the highest level of security. Here, research is being conducted into an antivirus against the deadly Madoba 2 virus, a type of Ebola. Company founder Stanley Oxenford (Heiner Lauterbach) has invested his entire fortune in the project. Much to the chagrin of his daughters Miranda (Katharina Wackernagel), Olga (Sophie von Kessel) and his gambling-addicted son Kit (Tom Schilling), he shows interest in the company’s head of security, Toni Gallo (Isabella Ferrari). On the day before Christmas, the unimaginable happens: unscrupulous gangsters (Matthias Brandt, Anneke Kim Sarnau and Bülent Sharif) gain access to the high-security wing with Kit’s help and steal the deadly virus. But then a snowstorm of unimaginable proportions leads all involved to the lonely country house of the Oxenford family. Cut off from the outside world, a showdown ensues. Only one woman can save the world from disaster.

Award-winning director Peter Keglevic (“Dance with the Devil,” “The Dark Side”) directs the highly topical thriller “Ice Fever” based on the successful novel by bestselling British author Ken Follett. It stars Heiner Lauterbach (“Die Gustloff”) and Isabella Ferrari (“Stilles Chaos”), supported by a top-class ensemble of actors including Tom Schilling, Matthias Brandt, Katharina Wackernagel, Sophie von Kessel, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Bülent Sharif, Massimo Poggio and many others.
The scripts were written by Olaf Kraemer, Beatrix Christian and Federica Pontremoli. \\”Ken Follett’s Ice Fever” is a co-production of ZDF with ZDF Enterprises, Network Movie, Cologne, Constantin Television, as well as Palomar and RTI/Mediaset. Producer: Sigrid Strohmann. Editing at ZDF are Birte Dronsek and Thorsten Ritsch.

  • 27.01.10