Hamburg in a state of emergency! Curfew. A hurricane is barreling toward the city. In less than 12 hours everything is under water. The Criminal Investigation Service, headed by ÖMER KAPLAN and his best man ERICHSEN, takes care of the socially disadvantaged in the areas built close to the water – where it gets dirtiest. As always.

And no sooner do the first raindrops announce the approaching chaos than a prisoner’s truck collides with an animal transporter. Two monkeys and the felon AXEL KRAKOFF escape.

Meanwhile, insurance fraudster BONNIE tries to quickly earn a few bills before the curfew draws and the two rappers LUKA and MOSES start a drug delivery service by drone. So that the stuff is enough for the duration of the curfew, they attack the ex-boxer MICKY MOMMSEN and put him in the trunk. Stupid only that Micky is a real Kiezgröße. One you don’t mess with – and a good friend of Krakoff.

And so it happens that the drone soon can’t deliver drugs, former professional ice hockey players are hanging upside down from their balconies, monkeys are waving guns around and Micky’s ex-wife MARYLOU is taken hostage.

A lot to do for Erichsen and his colleagues TÜLAY YILDIRIM and LULU KOULIBALY and actually nothing new for the night shift team – if there wasn’t a storm of the century coming their way…

With Armin Rohde, Idil Üner, Özgür Karadeniz, Sabrina Ceesay, Albrecht Ganskopf, Roland Koch, Demet Gül, Sina Martens, Shenja Lacher, Ben Andrews Rumler, Slavko Popadic, Ercan Durmaz, Oscar Ortega Sanchez und Sascha Reimann

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Premiere am 02. Oktober 2022 auf dem Filmfest Hamburg