The damp and merry men’s evening in the red-light district comes to an unpleasant end for lawyer Boris Quante (Alexander Held): he is found shot dead the next morning in front of a nightclub. Bo Erichsen (Armin Rohde) can no longer remember: How long was he in on the action? And did he actually wave his service pistol around during the nightcap? Photos on the victim’s cell phone leave no doubt: Erichsen really let it rip together with his old friends Quante and Petry (Ben Becker).
With residual alcohol in his blood and a warning letter in his pocket, he is also assigned a new colleague: Inspector Yannick Kruse (Christoph Letkowski), a straight-A candidate fresh out of college. The two take on the long list of suspects: Quante was an extremely unpopular lawyer and recruited his clients mainly from the milieu. Roland Petry has completely different worries: he is broke – and that is doubly embarrassing for a bank boss. The only thing that can help is a courageous grab into the till. However, a man like Petry doesn’t get his own fingers dirty. After all, what’s the point of knowing the account balances and police clearance certificates of his customers?
Other roles are played by Sophie Rois, Fahri Yardim, Özgür Karadeniz and others. As in all previous episodes, the book is by Lars Becker, who also directs. “Nachtschicht” is a ZDF commissioned production by Network Movie, Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG, Wolfgang Cimera. Daniel Blum is the ZDF editor. Filming is expected to last until March 20, 2012. A broadcast date has not yet been set.

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    Lars Becker

    Lars Becker

    Hannes Hubach

    Isolde Rüter

    Fana Becker

    Stefan Wulff, Hinrich Dageför

    Sandra Köppe

    Sanjeev Hathiramani

    Tim Körbelin

    Andreas Breyer

    Annett Neukirchen

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    Bettina Wente, Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Daniel Blum

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    Armin Rohde
    Barbara Auer
    Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
    Christoph Letkowski
    Özgür Karadeniz
    Ben Becker
    Sophie Rois
    Fahri Yardim
    Alexander Held
    Narges Rashidi
    Alexander Scheer
    Janin Reinhardt
    Stephan Schad
    Claudia Eisinger
    Alexander Simon
    Aljoscha Stadelmann