When presenter Milla (Katrin Bauerfeind) announces the “Ab-in-die-Wüste-Schlussmacherwoche” on Radio Seven FM with the motto “Call and dump your unloved partner!”, pizza messenger Mufti Korkmaz (Arnel Taci) doesn’t think twice. The best thing is for Milla to give his girlfriend Sharronda (Alina Levshin) the boot right away live on her show. Radio boss Simon (Hans-Jochen Wagner) is thrilled – that will bring in ratings. No one expected that this would blow a fuse in Mufti’s ex. She uses the arsenal of weapons of her brothers Dexter (Tristan Seith) and Gordon (Edin Hasanovic) and first takes her flower shop manager Wilma (Chiara Schoras) hostage. What exactly she wants from Wilma is not yet clear to her herself.
Lisa Brenner (Barbara Auer) and Erichsen (Armin Rohde) are on the scene, while Mimi Hu (Minh-Khai Phan-Thi) and Yannick Kruse (Christoph Letkowski) go to Sharronda’s well-known Nazi brothers. Although Sharronda reconciles with Mufti on the phone, Dexter and Gordon still want to pick a bone with him. However, a stranger beats them to it and shoots Mufti in the street. Completely shocked, the brothers follow the heels of the perpetrator. The fast-paced chase through the hot Hamburg night is accompanied live by Radio Seven FM. Suddenly, events come to a head.

Other roles are played by Özgür Karadeniz, Margarita Broich, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Clemens Schick, Rüdiger Vogler, Albrecht Ganskopf, Nova Meierhenrich and others. As in all previous “Nachtschicht” thrillers, the book is by Lars Becker, who also directs. “Nachtschicht” is a ZDF commissioned production by Network Movie, Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH & Co. KG, Bettina Wente and Wolfgang Cimera. Daniel Blum is the editor at ZDF.

  • Stab
    Lars Becker

    Lars Becker

    Hannes Hubach

    Sabine Pawlik

    Fana Becker

    Stefan Wulff, Hinrich Dageför

    Sandra Köppe

    Sanjeev Hathiramani

    Frank W. Mähr

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera, Bettina Wente

    Network Movie, Köln

    Daniel Blum

    Die Darsteller

    Armin Rohde
    Barbara Auer
    Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
    Christoph Letkowski
    Özgür Karadeniz
    Alina Levshin
    Margarita Broich
    Tristan Seith
    Edin Hasanovic
    Kida Khodr Ramadan
    Chiara Schoras
    Katrin Bauerfeind
    Arnel Taci
    Clemens Schick
    Albrecht Ganskopf
    Nova Meierhenrich