• Runtime: 8 x 24'

Tilo Neumann (Christoph Maria Herbst), a teacher and habitual drinker, has run his life into the wall on all fronts. His ex-wife lives in his ex-house with her new boyfriend, who shoots esoteric videos in his ex-living room, earning more in one month than Tilo earns in a year. His daughter blames him for the failure of the marriage and refuses any contact, in the teachers’ room the copier is his only friend, and no student seems to have learned anything from him in the last years… Tilo’s life has become meaningless, so he wants to end it. In his darkest hour, the universe speaks to him and, in a distinctive female voice, proposes a deal: “Help others, and I’ll help you.” The next morning, Tilo Neumann is still there. The voice, however, is, too.

In addition to Christoph Maria Herbst as Tilo Neumann and the voice of the universe, spoken by Elena Uhlig, the cast includes Christina Große, Hannes Hellmann, Mirco Kreibich, Ronald Kukulies, Hannah Schiller and others.
All eight scripts were written by Sonja Schönemann, who also serves as creative producer.

Photos: ©TVNOW / Martin Valentin Menke

  • Regie
    Julian Pörksen

    Buch & Creative Producer
    Sonja Schönemann

    Carol Burandt von Kameke

    Alexander Scherer

    Stephanie Fürst-Feldmann

    Olav Gross

    Sandra Köppe

    Film Editor
    Jan von Rimscha

    Monika Krück

    Andreas Breyer

    Silke Pützer, Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Markus Böhlke

    Leitung Fiction
    Hauke Bartel, Frauke Neeb