• Runtime: 88‘50“

Little Darijo had been missing for four years – then a discovery in the forest brings the terrible certainty: the little boy was murdered.

Berlin detective Lutz Gehring takes over the investigation. The young policewoman Salena Beara is placed at his side as an interpreter because of her Croatian origin. Soon the parents of the dead boy – both from Croatia, both domestic workers for the Reinartz family at the time – become entangled in contradictions. When it emerges that the boy was subjected to massive abuse before his death, the circle of suspects expands to include his employers at the time. In the rich family, the little boy, son of the “cleaning lady”, apparently had a hard time. But all investigations come to nothing, and so Sanela seizes the opportunity to infiltrate the business family as a housekeeper.

There she opens a can of worms: Lida, the mother of the dead Darijo, has meanwhile married her former employer. But something is wrong with their marriage: Lida avoids all contact with her stepsons and wants to leave for Croatia. Her ex-husband Darko is wracked with jealousy, but soon finds himself under suspicion. He was seen in the forest at the time of the crime … The sons of the rich entrepreneur also seem to play a role in an opaque game. A game in the background of which a woman is pulling the strings, who left the house shortly after the disappearance of little Darijo, or had to leave? Reinartz’s ex-wife. Sanela gets to the bottom of the family secret. But the courageous young policewoman’s emotions and her own background get in the way: surrounded by people, Darko seems to be the only one who allows emotions. Sanela believes his protestations of innocence until a piece of circumstantial evidence emerges that confirms an outrageous suspicion.

Darko flees and, out of desperation, commits a killing spree at the Reinartz mansion. It is Sanela who confronts this highly dangerous situation. She uncovers the secret of two families chained together by the cruel death of a child, and opens Darko’s eyes. But at what price …

Photos: ZDF / Gordon Muehle & Britta Krehl

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