Cologne/Bonn Airport: Detective Inspector Mark Kleinert (Heino Ferch)
transfers the young Turkish man Baran Sahin (Soner Ulutas), who has been arrested for
who has been arrested for illegal possession of weapons, to Istanbul. Apparently
a routine operation – until Kleinert receives a call from his mistress
Carla Paditz (Yvonne Burbach), who urges him to meet her in Istanbul.
in Istanbul. When Kleinert arrives at the hotel, Carla is already dead. The fact that
At the same time, Jo Weiß (Jürgen Vogel), an undercover BKA officer, is also at the hotel, watching Mark.
In order to find Carla’s killer, Mark revives old contacts, but the BKA has already taken over the case.
the BKA has already taken over the case. The ambitious BKA officer
Susanne Wahlberg (Ina Weisse) is to investigate the case on behalf of her influential
Her influential boss Kurt Herder (Peter Simonischek) to make inquiries about Mark Kleinert.
Kleinert. Because he was the last person to be with the dead woman, Mark is
is suspended from the police force. But he defies the instructions – and a mysterious search for clues begins. Mark does not seem to be the only one who has a personal interest in Carla. Jo Weiß also seems to have a common past with the beautiful dead woman. Two dissimilar men, united by their love for the same woman, and one goal – but who can be trusted, and who is playing false? That there is a much bigger crime behind the murder of the woman on the Bosporus becomes clear at the latest after the murder of the imprisoned Baran Sahin. When Mark Kleinert finally wants to know why he of all people was responsible for his transfer, he is already in mortal danger – and not only he…

“Death in Istanbul” is the 16th collaboration between Hannah Hollinger (screenplay) and award-winning director Matti Geschonneck (“Abducted,” “Duel in the Night”).
This thriller was produced by Network Movie Cologne, producer: Wolfgang Cimera. The producer is Andrea Rullmann. The ZDF editors are Reinhold Elschot and Stefanie von Heydwolff.

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    Hannah Hollinger

    Matti Geschonneck

    Hannes Hubach

    Christian Kettler

    Frauke Firl

    Florian Tessloff

    Sandra Köppe

    Inge Behrens

    Ute Schnelting

    Annette Oswald

    Andrea Rullmann

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Reinhold Elschot, Stefanie von Heydwolff


    Heino Ferch
    Jürgen Vogel
    Ina Weisse
    Peter Simonischek
    Ünal Silver
    Erni Mangold
    Aykut Kayacik
    Sylvia Schwarz
    Kilian Schüler
    Louis Hofmann
    Soner Ulutas
    Yvonne Burbach
    Michael Krabbe
    Hartmut Volle
    Heike Trinker
    Ilse Strambowski
    Yunus Cumartpay
    Hasan Ali Mete
    Roman Rossa
    Brit Gülland
    Adrian Can
    Ulrich Cyran