• Runtime: 89,21
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Jana Winter’s first day as the head of her new Flensburg unit goes anything but smoothly.

In the middle of the night, Matthias Hamm secretly digs up the body of a former girlfriend in the cemetery and has it autopsied. The prosecutor in charge is furious. But Hamm’s instincts were not wrong.

Nicole Seidel did not die of natural causes. The case is particularly explosive because Nicole was the main witness in a case involving a missing girl 15 years ago. Hamm had to resign from the case due to bias and was transferred to Schleswig because he had fallen in love with Nicole. And Plessner, the man convicted of child abuse based on Nicole’s testimony, is now at large again. Did Plessner take revenge on her? Jana has her doubts.

Together with Hamm, she begins to reopen the old case. Who else but Plessner would have a motive? Arne Brauner is not much help; he is on vacation in Croatia. At least that’s what they think – in fact, he’s in a rehab clinic in the Ore Mountains, sending old selfies from last summer. The somewhat cheeky and extremely resourceful new colleague Alwa Sörensen challenges Hamm, who finally has to question his image of women.

The investigators stumble upon a secret from back then, the consequences of which reach to this day.

Photos: © ZDF/manju.de & Marion von der Mehden

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