A few hundred kilometers separate Thomas from his childhood home in Dessau, the place where he grew up. Good thing. Thomas lives his own life, is just starting a family and visits his parents and his sister Susanne only as often as necessary.
An urgent call, however, summons him home. The mother is not well. Thomas packs things for three days. That will have to be enough. But when he arrives, the mother is already dead. Heart attack. There is little time for mourning. The funeral has to be organized. But above all, a solution must be found for the father. He has health problems and paralysis in his legs after a stroke.
He cannot live alone, but the mentally agile man does not want to go to a home either. Who will take care of him? Will Susanne – as Thomas initially hopes – sacrifice herself, give up her own life and move in with her father? The siblings Thomas and Susanne stand speechless before each other. Partly in despair, partly with furious pragmatism, they try to clarify the questions they have put off and repressed for years.

Tim Trageser (“A Tempting Offer”) directed the poignant story based on the book by Laila Stieler. The siblings Thomas and Susanne are played by Hans-Jochen Wagner and Anna Loos. Dieter Mann embodies their headstrong father Michael.
“Wohin mit Vater?” is based on the book of the same name by an anonymous journalist who describes the hardships and worries of those seeking care and the problems with illegal helpers.
This touching film was produced by Network Movie Cologne. Producer: Reinhold Elschot. Producer Laila Stieler. The ZDF editorial team was headed by Caroline von Senden.

“Wohin mit Vater?” premiered very successfully at the Hofer Filmtage 2009.

  • Stab

    Laila Stieler
    nach dem Buch "Wohin mit Vater?" von Anonymus

    Tim Trageser

    Eckhard Jansen

    Gabi Pohl

    Anne-Gret Oehme

    Andreas Weidinger

    Sandra Köppe, Doris Borkmann

    Gisela Castronari-Jaensch

    Peter Hartwig

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Laila Stieler

    Reinhold Elschot

    Network Movie, Köln

    Caroline von Senden

    Die Darsteller

    Hans-Jochen Wagner
    Anna Loos
    Dieter Mann
    Aleksandra Balmazovic
    Julia Koschitz
    Tobias J. Lehmann
    Marie Luise Stahl
    Johannes Richard Voelkel
    Stephanie Schönfeld
    Heidemarie Schneider
    Ramona Kunze-Libnow
    Hansjürgen Hürrig
    Renate Blume
    Ursula-Rosamaria Gottert
    Thomas Schendel
    Michael Wenninger
    Jutta Wachowiak