The 4th season: Kalle, Marek Erhardt, Sabine Kaack and Mike Hoffmann investigate in Flensburg – when this squad goes on patrol, excitement and fun are guaranteed.

Starting on October 2, 2010, Kalle, the smart Parson Russell Terrier, will convict petty criminals in Flensburg in the 4th season on Saturday evenings on ZDF. The crime family series entertains with exciting criminal cases and funny, emotional stories from the Andresens’ family life.

At the center is a likeable buddy team: Flensburg police officers Olli (Marek Erhardt) and Oskar (Mike Hoffmann) are simply unbeatable with the little hero Kalle. When this squad goes on patrol, excitement and fun are guaranteed for the audience. They are supported by Pia (Sabine Kaack), the precinct commander with the golden heart. She not only has to keep her colleagues at the station under control, but also her family. Her husband Stefan (Burkhard Schmeer), a journalist for the Flensburger Rundschau, tries to profit from Pia’s cases for his articles. And Pia’s children Merle (Iris Mareike Steen) and Hanno (Julius Römer) bravely face the pitfalls of growing up, but often need the help of family friend Kostas (Rudy Ruggiero) when they mess up again. The chaotic Greek is – as he so often is – definitely on the verge of the ultimate business idea.

The series “Da kommt Kalle” has been broadcast since 2006 in the family series slot on Saturdays at 7.25 p.m. on ZDF. Last year, an average of 3.84 million viewers watched the 13 episodes of the third season, which meant a market share of 15.8 percent. The directors for the fourth season include Patrick Winczewski and Bodo Schwarz. The scripts were written by Neithardt Riedel, Klaus Rohne, Anna Dokoupilova, Mathias Aicher, Scarlett Kleint & Michael Illner, Andreas Quetsch & Jörg Fischer and Lars Albaum. “Da kommt Kalle” is a production of Network Movie, Hamburg. Producer: Jutta Lieck-Klenke. Producer of the 4th season: Nina Tanneberger, Junior Producer: Julia Nemitz. The ZDF editors responsible are Barbara Biermann and Dagmar Ungureit.

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    Neithardt Riedel, Klaus Rohne, Anna Dokoupilova, Mathias Aicher, Scarlett Kleint & Michael Illner, Andreas Quetsch & Jörg Fischer, Lars Albaum

    Patrick Winczewski , Bodo Schwarz, Klaus Wirbitzky, Thomas Jahn

    Matthias Papenmeier, Uwe Neumeister, Markus Schott

    Michael Hofman de Boer

    Thorsten Lau

    Silke Hennemann, Edina Linder, Anke Warneck

    Heidrun Petersen, Rebecca Gerling

    Angelika Sengbusch, Martina Krippendorf

    ABC-Tiertraining, Marco Heyse

    Frank B. Bosselmann

    Roger Daute

    Junior Producerin
    Julia Nemitz

    Nina Tanneberger

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Barbara Biermann, Dagmar Ungureit

    Die durchgehenden Rollen und ihre Darsteller

    Hund Kalle
    Archie und Iggy / ABC-Tiertraining, Marco Heyse

    Pia Andresen
    Sabine Kaack

    Oliver Kottke
    Marek Erhardt

    Oskar Neuhaus
    Mike Hoffmann

    Stefan Andresen
    Burkhard Schmeer

    Merle Andresen
    Iris Mareike Steen

    Hanno Andresen
    Julius Römer

    Kostas Tatassopoulos
    Rudy Ruggiero

    Anne Rugaard
    Lisa Karlström

    Carla Jansen
    Daniela Hoffmann

    Luzie Buck


    Ralph Herforth, Martin Semmelrogge, Hannes Hellmann, Stephan Schwartz, Rainer Piwek, Nicolas König, Brigitte Janner, Renate Delfs, Michel Guillaume, Pjotr Olev, Simon Böer, Kristin Meyer, Nik Breidenbach, Jens Knospe, Carolin Pohl, Kai Maertens, Brigitte Zeh, Lena Münchow, Tino Mewes, Christoph Tomanek, Luca Zamperoni u.v.a.

    Foto © ZDF / NETWORK MOVIE / Boris Laewen