The popular crime series for the whole family has a new addition in the 5th season. Inspector Neuhaus fulfills a childhood dream and sails around the world. Precinct commander Pia Andresen (Sabine Kaack) is naturally not thrilled. Firstly, he is a first-class police officer and secondly, where is she supposed to find an equally good successor for him so quickly? Olli (Marek Erhardt) is also overwhelmed by the situation at first.

But the Flensburg precinct is in luck: Young Chief Inspector Lukas Hoffmann (Max Woelky) from the Kiel CID is assisting them in a kidnapping case. Together, Pia, Olli and Lukas investigate, and he does an excellent job. Kalle has great sympathy for the new guy right from the start. And Olli also has to admit that the Kiel colleague, young as he is, has a lot of professional experience. In addition, Lukas is quick-witted and can stand up to him. So Olli quickly has a reliable colleague again and his – faltering – world is back in order.

Pia’s family, husband Stefan (Burkhard Schmeer), daughter Merle (Iris Mareike Steen) and son Hanno (Julius Römer), as well as friend Kostas (Rudy Ruggiero) with golden retriever dog Ronja and neighbor Carla Jansen (Daniela Hoffmann) with bulldog Bruno are of course also back in the game.

In twelve very different cases, the commissioners are once again investigating in Flensburg and the surrounding area. When Kalle and his team go on patrol with passion, fun and heart, suspense is guaranteed for the viewer. The cases range from Kalle’s kidnapping, vandalism and drug smuggling to the investigation of the identity of a kind, confused old lady, the solution to which is always more profound than it first appears.

“Da kommt Kalle” is a production of Network Movie, Hamburg. Producer: Nina Tanneberger, Julia Nemitz. Producer: Jutta Lieck-Klenke. The ZDF editors responsible are Barbara Biermann and Dagmar Ungureit.

  • Stab

    Neithardt Riedel, Klaus Rohne, Lars Albaum, Andreas Quetsch und Jörg Fischer, Frank Weller, Christine Kabus und Lilian Thoma sowie Andy Cremer.

    Bodo Schwarz, Thomas Jahn, Rolf Wellingerhof

    Matthias Papenmeier, Uwe Neumeister, Oliver Sander

    Michael Hofman de Boer

    Thorsten Lau

    Edina Linder

    Heidrun Petersen, Rebecca Gerling

    Martina Krippendorf, Ingo Ehrlich, Andrea Wimmer

    ABC-Tiertraining, Marco Heyse

    Frank B. Bosselmann

    Roger Daute

    Junior Producerin
    Julia Nemitz

    Nina Tanneberger

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Barbara Biermann, Dagmar Ungureit

    Die durchgehenden Rollen und ihre Darsteller

    ABC-Tiertraining, Marco Heyse
    Marek Erhardt
    Sabine Kaack
    Max Woelky
    Burkhard Schmeer
    Iris Mareike Steen
    Julius Römer
    Rudy Ruggiero
    Lisa Karlström
    Daniela Hoffmann
    Luzie Buck

    Till Demtröder, Sven Martinek, Renate Delfs, Nova Meierhenrich, Jessica Kosmalla, Angelika Thomas, Peggy Lukac, Ole Puppe, Rainer Piwek, Fabian Harloff, Andreas Windhuis, Thorsten Nindel, Björn Casapietra, Ben Braun, Daniel Wiemer, Niklas Osterloh, u.v.a.

    Foto © ZDF / NETWORK MOVIE / Boris Laewen