A tough case for judge Katarina Weiss (Barbara Auer): She has to decide whether the accusations against millionaire entrepreneur Werner Lamberg (Jörg Hartmann) of beating and raping his wife Sandra (Katharina Lorenz) are justified or not. In court, Katarina encounters a defense attorney who is as tenacious as she is unscrupulous: successful attorney Eva Hartmann (Ina Weisse) actually succeeds in invalidating all the charges to such an extent that she obtains a provisional release from prison for her client. While they try in vain to find the truth in the courtroom, the fronts between the bench and the defense harden more and more. When the trial takes a surprising turn, the two women have to make a decision.

Following “Liebesjahre,” which premiered successfully at the 2011 Munich Film Festival, the judicial thriller “Das Ende einer Nacht” is the second collaboration between award-winning director Matti Geschonneck and screenwriter Magnus Vattrodt. In the leading roles, Barbara Auer and Ina Weisse play a judge and a defense attorney whom a criminal trial brings into an exciting duel situation.
Matthias Brandt plays the judge’s husband, and Melika Foroutan, Christoph M. Ohrt, Johann Adam Oest and Tobias Oertel are among those in other roles. Filming took place from August 9 to September 12, 2011 in Düsseldorf and Cologne. “Das Ende einer Nacht” was produced by Network Movie, Cologne, producer is Wolfgang Cimera, producer Andrea Rullmann. The ZDF editors are Reinhold Elschot and Stefanie von Heydwolff.

  • Stab

    Magnus Vattrodt

    Matti Geschonneck

    Judith Kaufmann

    Thomas Freudenthal

    Anneke Troost

    Sandra Köppe

    Ursula Höf

    Ute Schnelting

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Andrea Rullmann

    Network Movie, Köln

    Reinhold Elschot, Stefanie von Heydwolff

    Die Darsteller

    Barbara Auer
    Ina Weisse
    Jörg Hartmann
    Katharina Lorenz
    Alexander Hörbe
    Johann Adam Oest
    Christoph M. Ohrt
    Matthias Brandt
    Bernhard Schütz
    Christina Hecke
    Tobias Oertel
    Melika Foroutan