• Runtime: 90'
  • Viewers: 7,00 Mio / 20,2 MA

Walter Sittler with his seventh case on Gotland.

The outcome of the all-night party of a teenage clique around Björn, Ellen (Julia Sporre), Anna (Julia Fogelberg) and Erik (David Lagerqvist) is terrifying: a vacation home has been vandalized by them, Anna accuses Björn of rape, and in the midst of the destruction Robert Anders (Walter Sittler) and his team find the body of the house owner and psychologist Dag Svensson (Lars Bethke). It turns out that Svensson was having an affair with Ellen’s mother. The girl comes under suspicion when Anders finds out that Ellen hated her mother’s lover and that the devastation of his house was her idea. But Erik also has a motive: the boy has been treated for a year for a suicide attempt by Dag Svensson. Inspector Anders uses the help of his son Niklas (Sven Gielnik), who is close friends with Erik and knows his clique well. But Erik’s foster father John Akkers (Johan Gry) also gets entangled in increasingly strange contradictions in his statements. In a gripping finale, Inspector Anders, together with his son Niklas, succeeds in unraveling the psychological background that led to this horrific crime….

Directed by Thomas Roth, the film once again features Walter Sittler and a prominent ensemble of German and Scandinavian actors, including Sólveig Arnarsdóttir (“The Duo”), Paprika Steen (“The Feast”), Inger Nilsson (“Pippi Longstocking”) and many more. The screenplay for the seventh film in the series was written by Clemens Murath based on motifs from Mari Jungstedt’s novels. “Der Kommissar und das Meer – Der Tod kam am Nachmittag” is a production of Network Movie, Hamburg. Producer: Ilona Schultz. Editing at ZDF are Klaus Bassiner and Wolfgang Feindt.

  • Stab

    Clemens Murath

    Nach Motiven der Romane von Mari Jungsetdt

    Thomas Roth

    Jo Molitoris

    Andreas Rudolph

    Didra Szugs

    Fabian Römer

    Rebecca Gerling

    Dagmar Lichius

    Christian Krohn

    Roger Daute

    Ilona Schultz

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Klaus Bassiner, Wolfgang Feindt

    Die Darsteller

    Walter Sittler
    Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
    Andy Gätjen
    Inger Nilsson
    Paprika Steen
    Sven Gielnik
    Charlotte Lüder
    Lars Bethke
    Johan Gry
    Julia Sporre
    Julia Fogelberg
    David Lagerqvist

    Fotos: ZDF / Network Movie / Jonas Jörneberg