An alleged sex offender, recently acquitted on appeal, is found hanged. It quickly becomes clear that this was not a suicide. The release divided the population of Düsseldorf and Meerbusch and led to the judge who acquitted him coming under public fire. A citizens’ initiative turned itself into the mouthpiece of popular anger and publicly pilloried the acquitted man. When the judge is also found dead, the connections between the two murders are more than obvious.

Anna Loos investigates again as LKA inspector Helen Dorn alongside Matthias Matschke alias inspector Gregor Georgi in “Ein tödlicher Pakt”. The film is directed by Johannes Grieser from a script by Leo P. Ard.

In addition to Anna Loos and Matthias Matschke, the cast includes Stephan Bissmeier, Ernst Stötzner, Bettina Lamprecht and, in episode roles, Karl Kranzkowski, Oliver Stokowski, Gaby Dohm, Ulrike Barthruff, Max Hopp, Muriel Baumeister, Aleksandar Jovanovic.

“Helen Dorn” is produced by Network Movie Cologne, Wolfgang Cimera. Günther van Endert and Stefanie von Heydwolff are editorially responsible at ZDF.

  • Stab

    Johannes Grieser

    Leo P. Ard

    Wolf Siegelmann

    Claus Kottmann

    Lucia Faust

    Sandra Köppe

    Sabine Brose

    Petra Herpich

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Günther van Endert,
    Stefanie von Heydwolff

    Die Darsteller
    Anna Loos
    Matthias Matschke
    Stephan Bissmeier
    rnst Stötzner
    Bettina Lamprecht
    Marie Bendig
    Karl Kranzkowski
    Oliver Stokowski
    Ulrike Barthruff
    Max Hopp
    Muriel Baumeister
    Marc Fischer
    Aleksandar Jovanovic
    Sierk Radzei
    Gaby Dohm
    Michael Lott
    Marian Kindermann
    Georg Marin
    Marcus Jakovljevic