• Runtime: 90´
  • Viewers: 4,53 Mio. / 12,4 % MA

Into the wilderness in a camper van – an exciting family adventure for the Grant family. The unusually close living together in the camper not only provides for some surprising revelations, at sunset at the lake there is also finally time for emotional encounters beyond any WLAN connection.

Ravioli from rusty pots instead of room service? A vacation in a camper van is about the last thing publishing editor Jane Grant (Ann-Kathrin Kramer) would plan for the “most precious weeks of the year,” but her husband Clark (Thomas Heinze) finally wants to realize his dream of a family adventure in the wilderness. Only when Jane’s boss Wilma (Nina Franoszek) threatens her with expulsion because bestselling author John Dwyer (Bernhard Bettermann) wants to change publishers due to her criticism of his novel, does Jane suddenly make her case for the road trip. After all, the oddball Dwyer is a staunch outdoorsman and supposedly lives in a cabin on a remote New England lake. As the family sets out in the monstrous vehicle, each family member has a secret in tow: Jane has kept her true motives for the trip to herself, Clark’s mistress Ashley (Friederike Linke) takes up pursuit of the RV, and son Robin (Sam Heinze) uses knowledge of his sister Lilly’s (Pauline Rénevier) botched test for a little blackmail. It’s not just the challenges of nature and the technical refinements of the RV that put the family to the test – the unusually close living together also ensures that no secret stays secret for long.

Photos: © ZDF / Rick Friedman

  • Drehbuch
    Jörg Tensing

    Frauke Thielecke

    Thomas Vollmer

    Andreas Rudolph

    Didra Szugs

    Ingo Ludwig Frenzel, Rainer Oleak

    Heidrun Petersen

    Geraldine Sulima

    Christa Lassen

    Roger Daute

    Junior Producer
    Jenny Maruhn

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke, Sabine Jaspers

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Verena von Heereman

    Die Darsteller
    Ann-Kathrin Kramer
    Thomas Heinze
    Bernhard Bettermann
    Friederike Linke
    Sam Heinze
    Pauline Rénevier
    Nina Franoszek

Der ZDF-"Herzkino"-Film wurde in Neuengland an der amerikanischen Ostküste gedreht. Neben Ann-Kathrin Kramer, Bernhard Bettermann und Pauline Rénevier stand Thomas Heinze in einer der Hauptrollen erstmals mit seinem Sohn Sam vor der Kamera – als Vater und Sohn. Regie führte Frauke Thielecke nach dem Drehbuch von Jörg Tensing. Produziert wird "Katie Fforde: Familie auf Bewährung" im Auftrag des ZDF von Network Movie Hamburg. Produzentinnen: Jutta Lieck-Klenke und Sabine Jaspers, Junior Producer: Jenny Maruhn. Verena von Heereman ist die verantwortliche Redakteurin im ZDF.