SOKO Köln” gets a new face. Anne Schäfer is joining the team of investigators from the Rhineland. She replaces Lilia Lehner, who helped shape the face of SOKO Köln for six seasons as Julia Marschall and now wants to devote her time to other projects. Anne Schäfer has been in front of the camera for the 12th season of SOKO Köln since filming began in January. Born in 1979, the actress completed her training at the Theaterhochschule Zürich and initially worked exclusively in theater. She has played leading roles in episodes for SOKO 5113 and “Unter Verdacht,” among others.

The SOKO Köln team is led in a proven sympathetic manner by Sissy Höfferer as the chief inspector. Anne Schäfer, as Detective Sophia Mückeberg, goes on the hunt for criminals in Cologne with her colleagues Pierre Besson, Lukas Piloty and Kerstin Landsmann.

Daniel Helfer is directing the new season. The first episodes will feature Gila von Weitershausen, Hans Peter Korff, Gesine Cukrowski, Michael Brandner, Catherine Flemming and other actors.

The producers are Catrin Kauffmann and Andrea Rullmann. SOKO Köln is produced by Network Movie Köln, with Wolfgang Cimera and Silke Schulze-Erdel as producers. Wolfgang Witt is in charge of editing on ZDF.

  • Stab
    Christoph Wortberg, Michael Illner, Mathias Aicher, Meriko Gehrmann & Arne Laser, Monika Sandmann & Dirk Udelhoven, Christoph Benkelmann, Hans Müller-Welters, Hubert Eckert, Stephan Wuschansky, Jochen Pahl, Ralf Löhnhardt u.a.

    Daniel Helfer, Ulrike Hamacher, Michael Schneider, Torsten Wacker, Christoph Eichhorn, Sascha Thiel, Lars-Gunnar Lotz u.a.

    Catrin Kauffmann, Andrea Rullmann

    Wolfgang Cimera, Silke Schulze-Erdel

    Network Movie

    Wolfgang Witt

    Die festen Darsteller

    Sissy Höfferer
    Pierre Besson
    Anne Schäfer
    Lukas Piloty
    Kerstin Landsmann
    Christian Heller
    Thomas Clemens