“SOKO Köln”, 14th season – Christina Plate becomes the new boss and, on top of that, the popular SOKO Köln team celebrates a very big anniversary in December 2015: the broadcast of the 250th episode!

But for now, the commissioners have no reason to celebrate. At the beginning of the season, they have to say goodbye to Karin Reuter, who has to solve the death of her ex-husband in her last case. The journalist wanted to uncover illegal practices in the international electronic scrap business. During her investigations, however, Karin then also finds herself in deadly danger!

Since her successor is not named right away, wild rumors circulate in the precinct afterwards. Will it be Matti Wagner, who has no ambitions for the post? Or Jonas Fischer, who almost sees himself as the new head of SOKO? Vanessa Haas and Sophia Mückeberg prefer to stay out of it. But they are all amazed when one morning Nina Jacobs shows up unannounced at the door, introduces herself as the new boss and thoroughly shakes up the place.

The new girl has a mind of her own. She knows what she wants, doesn’t make things easy for anyone at first, and sets limits that her predecessors didn’t set. She remains a tough nut to crack for the team, which continues to solve mysterious and exciting murder cases in 25 episodes. On her very first day at work, Nina Jacobs is caught up in her past. A former colleague of hers comes under suspicion of having killed her daughter’s Turkish boyfriend. Nina had investigated her before, when large quantities of drugs disappeared after a raid.

But the other cases will also keep the team on their toes and lead them into the most diverse milieus. A teacher, for example, is suspected of having avenged the abuse of his daughter. But the DNA traces point in a completely different direction. SOKO Köln gets a glimpse behind the scenes of a quirky folk theater when a performer dies of poisoning on stage during the premiere. Murder and manslaughter know no bounds. If the commissioners have just uncovered the murder of a patriarch of a shoe empire or a millionaire widow who has sought out her toy boys in a coffee house, they investigate a week later in the petty bourgeois environment of a Büdchen in Cologne-Bickendorf.

In addition to its unerring criminalistic instinct, SOKO Köln stands out for its humorous interaction. It looks behind the scenes of crime. They know how to interpret clues, question alibis and pay attention to the details, which, as we all know, are what counts in the end.

The SOKO Köln team will be led by Christina Plate as the new boss, Chief Inspector Nina Jacobs, from October 20, 2015. Together with her colleagues Pierre Besson, Anne Schäfer, Lukas Piloty and Kerstin Landsmann, she goes on the hunt for criminals in Cologne.

For the start of the new season, Michael Schneider takes over as director. Peter Millowitsch, Julia Jäger, Ercan Durmaz, Idil Üner, Max von Pufendorf, Stephan Kampwirth, Jan Niklas Berg and other actors will be seen in the first episode roles.

The producers are Jan Knauer and Andrea Rullmann. SOKO Köln is produced by Network Movie Köln, with Wolfgang Cimera as producer. ZDF’s editorial staff consists of Wolfgang Witt and Peter Jännert.

  • Drehbuch
    Christoph Wortberg, Christoph Benkelmann, Michael Illner, Arne Laser, Claudia Römer, Hubert Eckert, Ralf Löhnhardt & Renate Martin, Torsten Goffin und andere.

    Michael Schneider, Ulrike Hamacher, Daniel Helfer, Florian Schott, Andi Wecker, Sascha Thiel, Christoph Eichhorn.

    Andrea Rullmann, Jan Knauer

    Wolfgang Cimera

    Network Movie, Köln

    Wolfgang Witt, Peter Jännert