A house, three apartments, three couples in Cologne. In Matti Geschonneck’s TV movie of the week with a prominent cast, everything revolves around neighbors who have to put their relationships and life concepts to the test. Anne (Anke Engelke) and Martin (Matthias Matschke), Saskia (Bettina Lamprecht) and Kai (Alexander Hörbe), and Eva (Andrea Sawatzki), who is freshly in love with Thomas (Dominic Raacke). Manfred Zapatka, Pierre Besson, Dietrich Hollinderbäumer, Julia Stemberger and others can be seen in other roles.

Content: Anne (Anke Engelke) and Martin Lehmann (Matthias Matschke) have been married for 20 years. However, the marriage has recently fallen into disarray: Anne has an affair with her colleague Wolf (Pierre Besson). Martin conceals from her that he lost his job months ago and has been unemployed ever since. Does the relationship still have a chance despite emerging existential fears and a growing mutual distrust? Their friends Saskia (Bettina Lamprecht) and Kai Fröhlich (Alexander Hörbe) live in the same house with their little daughter. When Saskia decides to go back to work, her husband has to take on the role of family manager in addition to his job as a television journalist. While Saskia blossoms professionally and enjoys this success, he comes under increasing pressure. What is to become of his career now? Will he have to cut back on his career for the sake of his family? Emergency doctor Eva Simon (Andrea Sawatzki), also a good friend of the two couples, lives in the attic. She is freshly in love with Thomas (Dominic Raacke). He has just separated from his wife (Julia Stemberger), who has stayed behind with daughter Greta (Emma Drogunova) in the house they share. When he moves in with Eva, their relationship has to prove itself, because Thomas brings with him not only his moving boxes, but also his past.

Südstadt” was produced by Network Movie, Cologne (producers: Wolfgang Cimera, Silke Pützer). The editors responsible at ZDF are Reinhold Elschot and Stefanie von Heydwolff. Filming took place in Cologne in spring 2017.


Cover photo © Network Movie/Mathias Bothor

Still photos © ZDF /Martin Valentin Menke

  • Stab

    Matti Geschonneck

    Magnus Vattrodt

    Theo Bierkens

    Ulrich Hintzen

    Anneke Troost

    Sandra Köppe

    Ursula Höf

    Ute Schnelting

    Andreas Breyer

    Wolfgang Cimera, Silke Pützer

    Network Movie, Köln

    Reinhold Elschot, Stefanie von Heydwolff

    Die Darsteller
    Anke Engelke
    Matthias Matschke
    Andrea Sawatzki
    Dominic Raacke
    Bettina Lamprecht
    Alexander Hörbe
    Lamija Mekic
    Emma Drogunova
    Manfred Zapatka
    Pierre Besson
    Dietrich Hollinderbäumer
    Alexandra von Schwerin
    Julia Stemberger
    Annette Weitzmann
    Sarah Bogen
    Lukas Piloty

Südstadt feierte im Oktober 2017 seine Premiere auf dem Film Festival Cologne 2017