A corpse discovery in the Jardelunder Moor on the German-Danish border causes Commissioner Jana Winter and her team a headache. The dead woman is identified as 19-year-old Nele Wagner, who is believed by her parents – together with her friend Jennifer – to be on a backpacker trip to Norway.

Investigators find out that Nele worked for a porn chat channel. They also achieve a manhunt success and are able to locate the missing Jennifer by analyzing surveillance cameras. Her father is overjoyed. But conflicts arise with Nele’s parents. Why is Nele dead but Jennifer alive?

When Jana Winter finally confronts Jennifer, it becomes clear why Nele had changed her travel plans. Originally, it had been Jennifer’s idea to work together as “cam girls” for a while to supplement the travel funds for Scandinavia. For Jennifer, however, the matter had quickly come to an end when her father donated the necessary money to her. Nele, however, took a liking to the promised windfall. She wanted to make it big and dreamed of perfect beauty. The goal of her desires was a breast surgery by the respected plastic surgeon Dr. Gundlach.

Before their work as webcam models, Nele and Jennifer had recorded their first independent shows in a caravan – technically supported by Rasmus Poulsen. Apparently Rasmus had been following Nele ever since, because he knew her true identity.

At last, Jana believes she is on the right track. But Jennifer and Nele’s parents have also caught wind of Rasmus’ involvement in their daughters’ clandestine activities and are determined to take revenge. But is Rasmus Poulsen really the culprit?


Photos: ZDF/ Manju Sawhney

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