Without the pat support of his loving wife Marta (Gisela Schneeberger), marriage swindler Herbert Krugschenk (Armin Rohde) would only be half as successful in his job. Only when she has given him the finishing touches can he confidently set out for his next “victim. Herbert’s job, however, has been better. Nowadays, the Internet, personal ads and pick-up artists make life difficult for him. Only by the skin of his teeth can he cover the costly expenses incurred in acquiring gullible ladies. The visit of their common son Siggi (Detlev Buck), who is fresh out of prison, seems to be a welcome change.
One day Marta’s collar bursts because of Herbert’s lack of success. She packs her bags and moves in with her daughter Cornelia (Anna Thalbach). Herbert and Siggi try the big coup, even without Marta’s help. But they have to realize: “It’s not because of the swimming trunks if you can’t swimâ€.

“Der Heiratsschwindler und seine Frau” – A new comedy with Armin Rohde as the marriage swindler and Gisela Schneeberger as his wife Marta. Other roles are played by Detlev Buck, Anna Thalbach, Nadeshda Brennicke, Michael Rotschopf and Nicolette Krebitz. The film is directed by Manfred Stelzer, who wrote the screenplay together with Thomas Oliver Walendy.

“Der Heiratsschwindler und seine Frau” is a production of Network Movie, Cologne on behalf of ZDF. Producers are Wolfgang Cimera and Bettina Wente. Producer is Nina Güde. The ZDF editorial team is headed by Daniel Blum.
Filming lasted from April 14, 2011 to May 20, 2011, and was shot in Berlin and Switzerland.

  • Stab

    Manfred Stelzer, Thomas Oliver Walendy

    Manfred Stelzer

    Michael Wiesweg

    Bertram Strauß

    Heidi Plätz

    Sandra Köppe

    Bernd Schriever

    Ralph Retzlaff

    Andreas Breyer

    Nina Güde

    Wolfgang Cimera, Bettina Wente

    Network Movie, Köln

    Daniel Blum

    Die Darsteller

    Armin Rohde
    Gisela Schneeberger
    Detlev Buck
    Anna Thalbach
    Nadeshda Brennicke
    Michael Rotschopf
    Nicolette Krebitz
    Imogen Kogge
    Adele Neuhauser
    Sunnyi Melles