An arson attack, a burglary and a murder without a body – all in just one night

At first glance, the Swedish island of Gotland seems to be a tranquil, peaceful place. But behind the facades of the picturesque houses, abysses open up. German detective Robert Anders, a laid-back family man, and his team investigate. High voltage in front of a breathtaking scenery!

The mink farm of Britt and Kent Norén is the victim of an arson attack, and the precious rodents are now running free on Gotland. Britt and Kent are certain that militant animal rights activists were at work.

Shortly after, the house of prominent soccer coach Björn Widemark is broken into. Inspector Robert Anders and his team find a rifle with traces of blood in the living room during forensics. It is obviously the blood of farmer Mats Sjögren, who was previously reported missing by his sister Karlotta. The police assume murder, but the body seems to be untraceable.

Kent Norén, who had been at odds with the dead man for years, becomes the focus of the investigation. Then pathologist Ewa makes an outrageous discovery: the victim was fed to the hungry animals before the arson attack on the mink farm. Distraught, Kent takes his own life in custody. While Kent’s suicide is taken by the public as a confession, Robert Anders continues to believe him innocent.

Why was the suspected murder weapon found in the soccer coach’s home? And what role does his wife Maria play, who suddenly claims to have had an affair with the dead man? The police come up against a wall of silence.

Just as Robert begins to see through the web of lies, Karlotta, the sister of the murdered farmer, kidnaps Björn and Maria’s children.

The screenplay was written by Henriette Piper and directed by Anno Saul. In addition to Walter Sittler, the cast includes Inger Nilsson, Andy Gätjen, Frida Hallgren and many more. Der Kommissar und das Meer” is produced by Network Movie, Hamburg, Jutta Lieck-Klenke. Producer: Carsten Kelber. Wolfgang Feindt is the editor at ZDF.

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    Henriette Piper, Anno Saul

    Anno Saul

    Wedigo von Schultzendorff

    Andreas Rudolph

    Helmut Ignaz Meyer

    Florian Tessloff

    Rebecca Gerling, Malou Schultzberg

    Barbara Hennings

    Christian Krohn

    Roger Daute

    Carsten Kelber

    Jutta Lieck-Klenke

    Network Movie, Hamburg

    Wolfgang Feindt

    Die Darsteller

    Walter Sittler
    Frida Hallgren
    Andy Gätjen
    Inger Nilsson
    Tobias Hjelm
    Sofia Ledarp
    Angela Kovács
    Dag Malmberg
    Anna Björk
    Grim Lohmann
    Tobias Zilliacus
    Nova Waldfogel
    Jona Waldfogel
    Felix Lundgren

    Fotos © ZDF / NETWORK MOVIE / Stefan Erhard